Course 6: TEX-BONE Power Read

The Tex-Bone is triple option for the 21st century

Combines traditional option with modern spread into a Texas-sized offense that leaves defenses scrambling to cover it all

POWER READ adds Diversity to the spread run game

Power Read has become the Power Play of One-Back spread football.


Typically, a running back runs a sweep path with the quarterback serving as the dive back.

Rather than blocking the contain player, the contain player is the “optioned”. If this contain player doesn’t tackle the Running Back who is running sweep to the sideline, the QB will hand it off to that back.

If the contain player starts to chase the sweeping back, the QB pulls and runs off-tackle as a dive back.


The Power Read adapts TEX-BONE’s base option play to spread & empty formations, and adds motions.

Can also be ran from option-heavy formations.

SEVERAL perimeter blocking options. (3 vs 3 stalk, 3 vs 3 cross, 3 vs 3 crack-kick).

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons

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