Course 24: WR Drills and Techniques

The goal is to score touchdowns, and when you get inside the Red Zone and Goal Line, with the condensed space, and extra defenders near the line of scrimmage often it takes a little more creativity to get the ball those final few yards into the end zone.

Whether you are running it, throwing it down the field, or attacking with perimeter screens WR play is imperative to the success of your offense.

Coach Marty will take you into the meeting room and show you how he coaches all aspects of the position from route running, releases, blocking technique, and perimeter screen execution.

The level of technical proficiency that Reedley receivers are able to develop in the program is staggering for a junior college.  Coach Marty will take you through the good reps and the bad to show you how they develop and grow receivers.

When it comes to game day success all of it matters, and Coach Marty can help your receiver group improve and perform!

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Course Includes

  • 20 Lessons

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