Course 23: QB Drills and Techniques

The goal is to score touchdowns, and when you get inside the Red Zone and Goal Line, with the condensed space, and extra defenders near the line of scrimmage often it takes a little more creativity to get the ball those final few yards into the end zone.

The Reedley Tigers’ starting quarterbacks have finished 2nd and 5th the past two seasons in Quarterbacking efficiency ratings (out of 68 teams in California).

Coach Marty will take you into the meeting room so you can see and hear how he drills and coaches his quarterbacks in practice and on game day to develop their technical ability and decision making.

Quarterback can be a hard position to coach because there are so many intangible situations.  Coach Marty will show you how to communicate in concrete absolutes.  Making the feedback back you are giving your quarterback as tangible and effective as possible.

At the end of the day it’s about communicating clearly the technical expectations and reads for your quarterback and holding them to that standard while be cognizant that the are existing in variable world where the picture and their surroundings aren’t always black and white.

Coach Marty will show you how to walk that line between accountability and understanding in order to get the most out of your quarterbacks!

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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons

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