Course 18: TEX-BONE Game Plan Considerations & Ready List

The Tex-Bone is triple option for the 21st century

Combines traditional option with modern spread into a Texas-sized offense that leaves defenses scrambling to cover it all

Ever wanted to know what duties college coaches have on game day or during a typical week of practice?

Coach Austin discusses what roles coaches on his staff have, each coach has their own responsibilities.

Game Plan Consideration & Ready list

When you game plan each week there are a few things to consider when you run the Tex-Bone. Every play is unpredictable to defend, every play could be spread or option-based. “Stop the option defense” leads to big plays in play action. This is two offenses, with one set of players. There are multitude of ways to organize a play call menu, in this course we will discuss what we feel works best for us and how it can help you with your game plan for next season.

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  • 12 Lessons

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