Course 10: TEX-BONE GLOAD and ISO Pass

The Tex-Bone is triple option for the 21st century

Combines traditional option with modern spread into a Texas-sized offense that leaves defenses scrambling to cover it all

G Load Protection looks identical to G Load runs.

6 man protection with answers to various defensive pressures (half man, half zone protection).

Uncovered linemen account for backside linebacker but the front side looks identical to the G LOAD OPTION.


Our quick game combos are paired with QB Iso or dive Iso protection.

–> Stick Combinations.

–> Inside High Low the Outside LB with Out-Seam Combination.

–> Outside High Low the Curl player with Dig-Seam Combination.

–> Bubble Screen and Bubble-Vertical.

Deep routes

–> Base Block & Go Routes.

–> Cross Block & Vertical gives Cover 4 problems.

–> Crack Block & Vertical to slow down aggressive safeties.

–> TE Flood.


–> Post.

–> Post Corner.

–> Stop & Go.

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Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons

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