Schdule for Clinics, Summits & Installs

Coach Stewart only speaks at Glazier Clinics, Glazier Football Clinics is the world’s leading provider of 24/7/365 football educational products and coaching clinics. Glazier is a must for any Football Program looking for an advantage … 75 of the top 100 HS Teams in America go to Glazier Football Clinics.

Glazier Season Pass Holders get year round access to video, PowerPoints, webinars, and so much more. For more information
visit or click on any of the clinics listed below.

Clinic Schedule

Jan 28-29 National Wing T Clinic Pittsburgh Rick Stewart; Roger Holmes; Blair Hubbard
Jan 21-23 Glazier – Indianapolis Jason McManus
Feb 4-6 Glazier Kansas City. Roger Holmes
Glazier Boston Rick Stewart
Glazier Atlanta Kelley Lee; Blair Hubbard
Feb 10-13 Glazier – Las Vegas Kelley Lee
Feb 11-13 Glazier Minnesota Adam Mathieson
Glazier Cincinnati Roger Holmes
Feb 18-20 Glazier Denver Roger Holmes
Feb 17-20 Triple Option Summit Online Over 20 speakers
Glazier – Detroit Jason McManus
Feb 25-26 Glazier St Louis. Rick Stewart
Glazier Pittsburg. Adam Mathieson
Mar 4-6 Glazier San Francisco Rick Stewart
Glazier Seattle Adam Mathieson
Glazier – Chicago Jeff Steinberg; Roger Holmes
Mar 3-5 Atlantic City Jason McManus
Mar 4-6 Glazier Orlando Blair Hubbard; Lee White
Mar 18-20 Defensive Summit Online Over 20 speakers
Mar 25-26 SouthEast Wing-T & Spread Dublin, GA Roger Holmes


Feb 17 - 20 Triple Option Summit $15 to watch live; $40 for replays
Mar 18-20 Defensive Summit $15 to watch live; $40 for replays

Private clinics

Get an intensive 1-2 day instruction from your choice of the team of All Access Coaches listed on this website. Bring the clinic to your school !!! This small setting allows for more intense Q&A along with in-depth film study.

You tailor the clinic to your staffs needs. Choose any of the subjects listed on the SYSTEMS page.

Youth Organizations:

A great way to kickoff your season with top-notch instruction for all of your coaches.

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