The Most Versatile Blocking System in all of Football

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Today’s article will look at Shotgun Counter Tre, Gun Zone Read, and the RPOs of the GROUND STRIKE system.

They were the #2 rushing offense in all Division II in NCAA with 352 ypg.  During Lee’s time at Eastern, two running backs have set single-season rushing records with 1,881 yds (2019), 1,611 yards (2014) and a third back set the career rushing record with 4,310 yards.

However, they were also #7 in the country in yards per completion. 

Coach Lee has been kind enough to completely open up his playbook and so far we have covered:

  • Monday we talked about running multiple plays off the same blocking scheme;
  • Tuesday was an in-depth look at the difference between Inside Veer, Zone Dive, & Arc blocking
  • Yesterday was an analysis of Power Read, Tackle Trap, and Trap Option

If you missed any of these emails, they are now posted as blog articles on our All Access Coaching website and can be read by clicking here. 

Who is Kelley Lee?  He played QB in both the WingT and the Air Raid, then as a coach learned the triple option from Air Force legends Fisher DeBerry & Ken Hatfield.  Coach Lee has run the triple option for 20 years, from split back, under center, and shotgun.

Before making the jump to college, coach Lee also took a 1-9 high school team to a 12-1 semi-final finish in only three seasons.   Averaging 50 points a game running the same offense he uses in college, these were 3 of the highest scoring offenses in New Mexico high school history. 

He understands what is like to coach at the high school level. 

There are 21 courses on CoachTube…you can get them for $247


The Counter Tre scheme is the majority of the GROUND STRIKE Shotgun package, but can also be run under center.    Again, to keep the email short, we are only covering blocking versus an even front.

Lee covers odd, Bear, and blitzing fronts on his video.

Through trial and error, coach Lee found that his Gun Triple was also better using Counter Tre blocking instead of Inside Zone blocking scheme.

As you will see by analyzing all of the pictures, the blocking schemes are the same.  Counter Tre can be run at Odd front, 1-shade NG, 2-tech, and 3-techs.

The pulling Guard follows his “pull right, hit right” rule and wants to kick out the End, but he can log block a squeezer.  The pulling tackle adjusts to the Guards block.

This is a misdirection play.  The Fullback is faking his normal Veer or Belly path and the motion man is faking Rocket Toss. The ball carrier follows the pulling tackle, going inside a kick out block or around a log block.

Again, Lee runs this out of Pistol, Shotgun, Diamond, and even the New Mexico Triple I.


One of the great things about the Counter Tre blocking scheme is how easy it is to move into the Gun and start reading (optioning) unblocked defenders.

This is basically ZONE READ principles using Counter Tre blocking.  Read #1, Pitch off #2.. 

Notice the Fullback can run a midline path and follows the counter pullers if he is given the ball because the End stayed home.  If the End squeezes or chases the pullers, the QB pitches off #2 and the pitch man is using the arc block by the 3rd back. 

Lee will switch this up and have the back who is arc blocking in the pic on the left follow the counter pullers and mesh up with the QB.  The Fullback now becomes the arc blocker instead of running midline.  

The pic on the right shows even a 3rd variation…but Lee’s video shows many more variations.


Using all the same blocking schemes in the above pictures, Lee can TAG RPOs off any of them by running bubbles, hitches, and slants on the same side as the un-blocked D-End

In addition to the 45 minute video of Lee explaining all these plays, he also has shared over 20 hours of game film, which are at the end of every course.  There is no audio, just good old fashioned sideline & pressbox views of plays for you to study.

Remember Lee was a college QB in the Air Raid system and he throws the ball more than most triple option teams.  He runs MESH, SAIL, VERTICAL, and many more concepts.  He clinics teams all over the country on his Slot Option Pass concept and his very expansive boot package.

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