Striving for Perfection

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Most coaches in any sport that are not too successful ask themselves many questions that would help them get better results from their kids. They say things like ” I’m practicing 4 to 5 days and these kids don’t get a thing” or ” nobody is interested in playing” or ” this team is dominating us” or the one that I love: “we just don’t have those type of kids.”
This is extremely common. Coaches work hard preparing and the kids just don’t perform.

As you watch teams on the sideline before, during, and after their game, you can glean alot of information. Many times you will see many players & coaches standing around & not participating. Everyone doesn’t have or understand their role. Mistakes are not corrected in detail, all you will hear is “you need to block that guy.” C’mon! Really? Do your really think that the young man missed the block on purpose or do to lack of effort? NO! He is obviously lacking the training or skill set to get the job done.

The coach must know what is the right way to teach a technique in order to get the most out of each player. There are so many coaches that have taught the wrong way over and over that the kids muscle memory is going to lead them in the wrong direction. Really get your entire staff and even the players to understand that everything has to be done right and at game speed all the time. It has to be a mindset, from the weight room to stretching to drills to scrimmaging.

Teach them properly from the beginning and success will come earlier then you think.

Have a great day!


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Coach Stewart has coached football for 27 years, winning championships with 6th graders, 8th graders, high school freshman, and high school varsity. He coached 9 years at the youth and freshman level, always serving as head coach. After completing his college at age of 28 he has coached 21 years at the varsity level, 13 as the varsity head coach.

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