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Are you a coach who has not done any stretching in a while? Do you go about stretching the proper way?

Over the years kids are getting bigger and stronger and should take stretching very seriously, even at the youth level. The average coach tells the kids how to stretch the same way that they used to stretch when they were younger. Stretching has definitley changed and the proper techniques are as important as every thing else on the football field.

If done correctly, stretching can give needed flexibility to over used muscles and give more strength to muscles surrounding them.


All the data suggests a 10-20 minute warmup and the primary objective is to get blood flow to the muscles.  In the high school setting we simply do not have time for this, so the S.S.X. program has two dynamic warmup sequences: one for upper body and one for lower body.  Total time should be less than 10 minutes.   These warmup sequences are written on paper, complete with quick reference drawings, and a video of every warmup exercise in the S.S.X. program

A key component to time management is to eliminate or minimize lines. We need an area where players can sprint/move forward for 20 yards so a basketball court where we can move sideline to sideline (cross court) is idea.  We would like to get every player across the sideline, shoulder to shoulder, and have nobody standing in line behind another player.

“Maximizing Your Time Is So Critical In Everything We Do At The High School Level”


We modified the BFS Stretching System by spending approximately 2-4 minutes immediately after we are done lifting with static stretching done with partners.  We cleanup up the weight room as a team AFTER this stretching period, as the walking around, bending down to lift things, continues to contribute to the cooling down of the heart rate.

  • Partner A starts on floor while Partner B pushes him in back to stretch hamstrings & hip flexors;  We then switch partners. This takes 1 minute.
  • Everyone stands up. Partner A pulls Partner B elbows / wrists backwards behind his back to stretch chest & shoulders.  Then everyone stretches Triceps & Lats.  This takes 1 minute
  • We then stretch calves, groin, hip flexors, and thighs.  This takes 1 minute.


I always meet with the cafetaria staff to see if arrangements can make to get our athletes DOUBLE of whatever they serve for breakfast.  They usually charge me .50 cents per player per day for extra peanut butter & jelly crustables and an extra carton of chocolate milk.  So I try to get our players to pay $10 per month to cover this extra cost.  I have also charged players and stocked up on chocolate milk, bread, & peanut butter in a donated refrigerator.  I will have aides / injured players or athletes who have a basketball/baseball/wrestling match that day make the sandwiches in advance. Every player grabs something on their way out and I still encourage them to go get whatever the cafetaria is serving as an increased calorie count is crucial during our very intense 4-day S.S.X. workouts.

Proper stretching is the start of the growing process of an efficient team. Don’t be left behind because of injuries. Injuries can explode a great season. Don’t take any chances. Do it the right way.

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Coach Stewart has coached football for 27 years, winning championships with 6th graders, 8th graders, high school freshman, and high school varsity. He coached 9 years at the youth and freshman level, always serving as head coach. After completing his college at age of 28 he has coached 21 years at the varsity level, 13 as the varsity head coach.

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