Sideline Basketball

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My kids loved SIDELINE BASKETBALL. But you need to be pretty confident in your admin backing you before playing it….it is a rough game.

Each team lines up along the sidelines of a basketball court. 5 of kids have the football while other 5 defend. There is no dribbling or running with the ball. The player with the ball must remain stationary. He has 3 choices: (1) pass to another team mate; (2) shoot the football towards the basket; (3) throw the ball to any team mate that is lined up along the sidelines.

If the ball is thrown to the basket, it is 1 point for hitting the backboard; 2 points for hitting the rim, and 3 points for making the basket. Even if the basket is MADE, the offense can continue to get rebounds and continue throwing the ball at the basket. In theory, a guy could stand under the basket, shoot & make a layup, get the ball out of the net, and shoot another layup.

The 5 defenders can get the ball away from the offense with any means necessary. This is where it gets rough. They tackle/rugby/gang up on the guy with the ball. Lots of Rugby type “scrubs” where all 10 guys are wrestling on the ground for the ball.

Once the defense has possession they have to immediately toss the ball to their team mates on the sideline. The ex-offensive players must now leave the court. The ex-offensive team already has 5 players waiting in the opposite key to play defense. They can leave the key once all 5 of their other team mates have left the court.

Since you are on a basketball court, the tackling on a wood surface can be pretty rough. I never forced a kid to enter the game and many of my softer, wide receiver types would just remain on the sideline. You find out who your defensive players are pretty quickly.

I had lots of bloody noses and bruises. No broken bones. In fact as my teams got tougher, I had to quit playing because my kids become to physical.

I thought of moving it to grassy area with trash cans for goals.

I was also trying to figure out how to make it not so rough. Maybe you can’t take a guy to the ground. You can fight for the ball, but if offensive player is tackled, I would remove the defender and they would play 5 vs 4.

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