Elevate Your Wing T Attack Bundle


This bundle gets you going from the ground up in the Wing T!

What’s included:

  • Roger Holmes’ Wing T Run Game Playbook (Digital Book)
  • Stewart’s  Skills & Drills Manual for Wing T (Digital Book)
  • Scott Meadow’s Play Action Passing from Shotgun WingT  Course
  • Scott Meadow’s RPOs Off Buck, Trap, & Truck Course

    • Coach Roger Holmes’ Run Game Manual isn’t just for under center Wing T guys — in fact every coach could benefit because of Coach Holmes’ unmatched expertise in creating blocking angles for all linemen.
    • The skills and drills book will then allow you to practice everything efficiently so that you don’t have to get caught up on the question of “well this information is great, but how do we teach it?”
    • And then just for fun, here’s Coach Scott Meadow’s incredible play action passing and RPO game to round out your Wing T for a full field attack. Grab the bundle and get rolling with the Wing T!

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