Coach: Rick Stewart

Course 3: Alignments of the Read & React 425


A Defensive System Can Line Up to Any Formation Without Checking

This allows kids to play fast

Coach Stewart has taken four awful programs (0-24, 0-27, 8-42, and 7-43) to playoffs, including two 12-0 section title teams.

And he has done this without EVER coaching a scholarship player!

The READ & REACT is a stimulu based defense built on muscle memory reactions.

Their are FOUR basic components to any CHAMPIONSHIP defense:

  1. Line Up
  2. Know Your Assignment
  3. Great Pursuit
  4. Know How To Tackle When You Get There

The READ & REACT easily transitions from a 4-2-5 to a 3-4 because of it's unique 4-0-4 alignments.

The DIVORCED concept keeps the front 6 independent from the Back 5

That's right...the COVERAGE does not have to be married to any blitzes!!!

The SPLIT FIELD teaching puts every formation into 7 basic boxes, making it super easy for kids to learn:

  • How Do I Line Up?
  • What Are My Run Fits?
  • How Do I Cover Pass?

The right side is completely seperated from the left side, so it makes teaching simple and thinking even simplier.

There is a reason Stewart nicknames it the BRAIN DEAD defense.....

It is so simple, you would have to be brain dead, on life support to not learn this defense.

1. What this talk is about
2. Why the 4-2-5
3. Front Six
4. Primary Objectives
5. D-Line
6. Interior Tackles
7. Interior Tackles (Cont.)
8. Ends
9. Inside Linebacker
10. Outside Linebacker
11. Wing-T Philosophy and Formation Overview
12. Buck
13. Stack Guards
14. Waggle
15. Belly
16. More Formations
17. Blitzes and Stunts
18. Practice Week
19. Summary of this talk

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Course 3: Alignments of the Read & React 425

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