Pistol Wing -T Offense

Wing-T System out of the PISTOL Formation

Fast Tempo & Deception of Wing-T
Putting Defense in Conflicts
Run Every Play Out of Many Different Formations
QB Can Read Unblocked Defenders
Easy QB Pass Reads

A Defensive Coordinator’s Worst Nightmare
Merging the ferocious intensity of the Under Center Wing-T with the slick deception of the Pistol Offense, Coach Stewart has used this offensive system to turn around three different schools and lead each team to the playoffs within his first two seasons at the helm.

Took over a small, agricultural school with 600 students and no weight room that was 1-19 to playoffs in Year 2; Broke an 0-27 losing streak at a school with 900 students, winning an undefeated league title in Year 2; Won 40 games in 5 years, including back-to-back section runnerups at a large, rural school of 2,000 students that had won 8 games in the 5 years prior to his arrival. Coach Stewart has never coached a scholarship player! Many football programs do not have the size or talent to play smash mouth football. They must out maneuver defenses in simple but effective multi-formation offensive systems. He had to devise a system that makes average players great !!! And now teams from all over the country have used this system to put up incredible offensive numbers:


Coach Stewart takes you through the process of moving the QB from the Under Center with his back to the defense into the Pistol Formation without violating the tried and true tenants of the Wing T System. Stewart’s offensive system takes the high tempo, hit you in the mouth of the Wing-T and then adds the advantages of deception and the effective passing game of the Pistol.

Run the Wing-T series out of Pistol: Buck Sweep, Belly, Jet, Down, Midline, &Veer.
Read unblocked defenders in the run game by backing the QB away from the line.
Use the Pistol Formation to open up the passing game
Install the Pistol Wing-T using a variety of individual and group drills
Use Coach Stewarts practice plans and tempo to give your team a major advantage each week
Stewart’s teams condition during practice using a “racehorse” philosophy that has a goal of repping 2 to 3 drills or a plays every minute of practice.
Learn how Stewart scouts both himself & upcoming opponents during the Spring, Summer, and then during the season. You will see how Stewart devises his weekly game plan and what every coach on his staff is looking for as he calls the plays on Friday night.

The Pistol Wing-T is a fast, explosive offense that requires the ball to be snapped within 3 seconds of breaking the huddle. This puts great pressure on the defense to recognize all the different formations that Stewart uses. It is also an offense designed for the 180 pound guard and 140 pound halfback, so quickness and conditioning are very important components to compete against bigger opponents. Stewart is a master at incorporating conditioning into the entire practice and challenges his athletes both physically and mentally.

If you are a true Wing-T believer looking for new ways to unleash this powerful attack. Rick Stewart’s Pistol Wing-T will combine a deceptive run game with a modern passing attack.

The Pistol Wing-T Offense for High School

DVD #1: Easy to Understand Terminology, Formations, and Play Calling

DVD #2: Practice Plans and Installation Sequence

DVD #3: Run Game (Buck, Belly, Down, Jet, Midline, Veer) with Odd & Even Blocking

DVD #4: Passing Game (drop back, sprint passing, screen, draw, & play action)

DVD #5: Using Formations, Trick Plays, & Combo Packages to out leverage the defense.

DVD #6: Offensive Line individual & combination drills on bags and sled.

DVD #7: Backfield Drills teaching individual techniques but also detailed backfield footwork.

DVD #8: QB & WR Drills teaching individual techniques and also how to attack coverages.

DVD #9-#12: Attacking 3-3 / 4-3 / 4-4 / 3-4 Defenses

DVD #9-#12: Off-season scouting and weekly game planning

DVD #13-#14: Three hours game film of run & pass plays chaptered by play & defenses

DVD #15: Three Tempo No Huddle Pace & Post Snap Reads of unblocked defenders.

DVD #16: Team Camp Installation DVD. On field video of Stewart installing the offense.

PLAYBOOK: 156 pages of blocking rules and every play drawn up vs 4 different defenses. ** INSTALLATION MANUAL: Detailed practice plans with every drill drawn up. ** O-LINE MANUAL: Detailed OL practice plans with pictures of every drill, along with drawings.** **CD Roms available so that you can edit these Microsoft Word documents with your terminology. If your team is looking to put points on the board, the Pistol Wing-T is definitely something you need to see. This offense will allow you to become more multiple, out flank the defense, make defensive coordinators go out of their mind and put more points on the board.

The Pistol Wing-T Offense for Youth

DVD #17: Easy to Understand Terminology, Formations, and Play Calling

DVD #18: Run Game (Buck, Belly, Down, Jet, Midline, Veer) with Odd & Even Blocking

DVD #19: Passing Game (1-step drop back, sprint out, play action, & draws

DVD #20: Using Formations to gain advantages and Trick Plays to keep offense honest.

Every DVD shows Stewart’s youth teams on the field running 3 versions of every drill for PeeWee (3rd-4th grade), Juniors (5th-6th grade), and Seniors (7th-8th grade).

PLAYBOOK: 156 pages of blocking rules and every play drawn up vs 4 different defenses. **
**CD Roms available so that you can edit these Microsoft Word documents with your terminology


It’s possible that you may get your package in the mail and decide that our Gang Green system does not fit your programs needs. As fellow coaches, it has always been our motto: “Coaches Helping Coaches” and over the years we have found the coaching profession to be one of the most honorable and ‘giving’ group of any profession.

That is why we will refund every penny you paid if you return all merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it.


We will also break up the $400 into three monthly installments of $140 each (yes we are charging $21 in interest) to make it easy on programs with small operating budgets.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like my Gang Green system, don’t want it, or can’t use it, just send it back to us.

“I bought the whole set of 4-2-5 Gang Green DVD’s and it was one of the best one’s I have ever seen. Great presentation and the DVDs were very easy to follow. Rick also responded to my email when I had a question. Definitely worth the money spent!” –Scott Mathenia, Dumbarton School, Baltimore Maryland


Turned around 3 losing programs!

Has turned around 3 losing programs and been to 2 CIF Section Finals. With 23 years total experience and 9 years as a head coach, Stewart has had success at schools with very little support

He has never had a strength coach, trainer or equipment manager…Stewart and his coaching staff run the weight room, wash the uniforms, and literally line the practice field!

Stewart’s first miraculous turnaround was at McFarland, who was 1-19 before his arrival. They were in the playoffs for only the 4th time in school history in his second year…and all of this without a weight room! Stewart had to develop a strength & conditioning program outside on the grass-based upon his training from the USMC.

The Second turnaround was at 0-20 Corcoran, who Stewart had to build a weight room from the ground up, converting an unused locker room and shower facility into a weight room using donated equipment from the local prison. Corcoran was undefeated in league champions in Stewart’s second year.

Stewart really fine-tuned the offense at Porterville, who had won 8 games in 5 years when he arrived. With no weight classes offered during the day, Stewart’s entire program of 120 players had to accomplish all of their training before & after school…but they have won 28 games in 3 years, won the first playoff game in 120-years school history, and became the first team in the city to make to the CIF section finals. Last year’s team was 12-0, advancing to Porterville’s second consecutive section final, only to lose on a hail mary pass when the safety slipped and fell in the rain.

Stewart’s has never coached a scholarship athlete and his Porterville offense has gone over 4,000 yards in consecutive years, despite averaging 203 pounds on the offensive line.

Stewart Never Coached a Scholarship Player

NEW DVD #15 No Huddle & Post Snap Reads

Force opposing defenses to play “five quarters of football” using an up-tempo, no huddle Wing-T Offense
Utilize three different tempos for the no-huddle offense
Implement blocking schemes that provide an extra blocker on the linebackers
Get more reps in practice with a no-huddle system – your practice is conditioning.

Rick Stewart, one of the most highly successful high school coaches in the country, takes you through his up-tempo “NASCAR pace” offense. This no-huddle attack with post-snap reads will create an imbalance for every defense you face. Increased plays, counters for every defense, reads for every defense, and formations to create mismatches are all on display.

Coach Stewart begins with his post-snap reads for the essential Wing-T plays: Belly, Down, Tackle Trap, Quick Trap, and jet. Stewart has eliminated the option call and turned these plays to a true read concept by his quarterback. Now you do not have to wait to call the option if the defense is cheating to these plays. You force them to play assignment football and defend the option on every play, allowing your quarterback to take advantage of what the defense is giving you each snap. Five post-snap reads are explained for each play. Coach Stewart details the alignment and assignment of each position to include which player you read when pitching the football. These reads add an element to your scheme that will always allow the defense to be wrong.

Moving into the up-tempo portion of the video, Coach Stewart takes you through every aspect of his up-tempo no huddle philosophy for instant results. He gives you six reasons on why you should run the no-huddle tempo offense. He points out you get more snaps, wear out the opponent’s defense, your practice conditioning, more reps in practice, easier to run your two minutes, and easier to audible. Coach takes you from signals to snap counts all the way to the way your categorize and call your plays. The no-huddle installation is broken down into three types of tempos; Red, Yellow, and Green Light tempos. These tempos allow coaches and players to go as fast as they want and still get in the best plays for critical situations.

Coach Stewart ends with various unbalanced formations to create defensive mismatches

The newly implemented pace to Coach Stewart’s offense and the post snap reads elevate his offense to even greater heights. This high-octane philosophy is sure to present defensive coordinators with fits. Take this DVD home today and install a program that is sure to get your offense up-tempo and up-to-date.


Watch Stewart install the offense on the field with teams from all over the country. This is 2 hours of on field drills with a voice over by Stewart explaining every drill.


Detailed Playbook with blocking rules vs 4 defensive fronts,. (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).

BUCK SWEEP (5 plays) BELLY (8 plays)
DOWN (5 plays) JET / ROCKET (4 plays)
MIDLINE/VEER (7 plays) TRICK PLAYS (8 plays)
COMBO PLAYS (16 plays) SHORT YARDAGE (16 plays)
Entire PASSING game breaking down how to attack different coverages (Man, Cover 1, 2, 3, and 4)

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