Private Installation

Our CHAMPIONSHIP staff comes to your school for private installation of whatever you need. We can spend 2-3 days with your staff & players for intensely focused instruction. Powerpoints, Film Analysis, & On Field with your team.

Bringing me to your school is cheaper than hauling your players and coaches to an overnight camp. Plus I will teach
exactly how you tell me, using your terminology. You will see how I fix things on the fly, hear my buzzwords.



  • 4 hour dinner / coaching clinic


  • 8am: On The Field: O-Line techniques & drills.
  • 10:30a: On The Field: O-Line + RB combo drills
  • 11:30am: On The Field: Full backfield footwork
  • 12:30pm: Working Lunch. Q&A.
  • 2pm: On The Field: QB / WR passing game drills
  • 2:30pm: On The Field: Four phase passing attack.
  • 3:30pm: On Field: Full Team. Run vs odd & even fronts
  • 7pm: Dinner with Coach Stewart. Q&A.


  • 8am: On Field: Form, No Huddle, Trick Plays, Goal Line, Key Breakers


  • 4 hour dinner / coaching clinic


  • 8am: On Field: Inside Backers tech & drills
  • 9am: On Field: Outside Backers tech & drills
  • 10am: On Field: Defensive Back tech & drills
  • 11am: On The Field: Coverage installations.
  • 12:30pm: Working Lunch. Q&A.
  • 2pm: On Field: D-Line techniques & drills.
  • 3pm: On Field: Basic Run Fits
  • 7pm: Dinner with Coach Stewart. Q&A.


  • 8am: On Field: Movements, Exchanges, Blitzes


Coach Stewart will make your ASSISTANT COACHES better teachers!

Today’s high schools face more turnover than ever and the head coach is constantly spending a lot of energy “Coaching His Coaches”. Coach Stewart’s camps will show your coaches how to setup the drills, the drill commands, the buzzwords, and how to correct mistakes on the fly. DVDs are edited and there are no mistakes…camps are live and players make mistakes. Your staff will see how Stewart’s CHAMPIONSHIP staff immediately identifies and fixes these mistakes. And your staff is standing right there and can ask questions. They can video tape and take notes.


Coach Stewart travels all over the country, has spoken at over 30 clinics, sold thousands of DVDs, and has an email list of 25,000. He will bring in the most experienced, top notch coaches who UNDERSTAND the challenges of coaching high school.

20:1 player to coach ratio

These experienced coaches will meet with your coaching staff the night before camp to explain the purpose of every drill. There is time for Q&A a􀅌er every practice and there is a 2‐hour coaching clinic in the middle of day 1. These coaches can talk about weight room, fundraising, motivation, parents, and all the other challenges beyond the X’s and O’s

See how coach Stewart can run 15 plays versus both an odd and even front in 10 minutes. That’s 30 plays total !!! Also see the value of “bird dog” to reinforce assignments.

COSTS for Installation camp

*All prices include airfare, motel nights, and car rental.

FREE copies of every DVD Coach Stewart has ever made if you host a camp, clinic, or installation

That is 43 DVDs, 6 books, 2 binders and 1-year HUDL.

Coaches Pass

Coaches can attend any ALL ACCESS camp or installation without bringing their
players. The Coaches Pass will include the following:

  • access clinic staff before and after practice
  • watch practice
  • view video
  • sit in on Clinic meetings

COACHES PASS – Available to Coaches with Players not in attendance
(Available at Descretion of Clinic Staff-Must Be Pre-Registered)

  • $50.00 per coach
  • $125.00 per staff (coaches only)



  • Jan 4-5: NorCal SF Bay (youth install)
  • Mar 25: Ohio (offense install)
  • Apr 10-12: Seattle (defense install)
  • May 26-28: Albuquerque New Mexico
  • July 14-15: St Francis Prep, New York


  • Jan 4-5: NorCal SF Bay (youth install)
  • Mar 25: Ohio (offense install)
  • Apr 10-12: Seattle (defense install)
  • May 26-28: Albuquerque New Mexico
  • July 14-15: St Francis Prep, New York



East Union High, Manteca CA. (set 12 school records
this year)
2 White Plains HS, Anniston AL
3 Uniontown HS, Alabama
4 Manitowoc, HS Wisconsin
5 Lomira HS Wisconsin
6 Oxford HS Massachussets
7 Lunenburg HS, Massachussets
8 Tri-County HS, Franklin Massachussets (playoffs)
9 Black River HS Ohio (Ohio state semi-finals)
10 Columbus HS, Columbus GA
11 Madison-Grant HS, Indiana (playoffs)
12 Covington HS, Indiana (playoffs)


13 South El Monte HS, Southern California (youth)
14 Columbus Georgia (8-3 record after 4-6 record)
15 Central HS, Evansville Indiana
16 Cairo HS, Nebraska (FB state player of the year)
17 Wickliffe Ohio
18 Middletown Ohio
19 Southern Valley HS, Oxford Nebraska
20 Espanola HS, New Mexico (9-1 record after a 2-8 season)
21 Philomath Oregon
22 East Union HS, Manteca CA (defense)


23 Black River HS, Sullivan Ohio (defense)
24 Unioto HS, Chillicothe Ohio
25 Kentucky
26 New Minister HS, Vancouver Canada
27 Prince of Peace HS, Dallas, TX
28 Delhi HS, Northern CA


29 Badin HS, Hamilton Ohio (won 25 games next 3 years)
30 Virginia Beach, VA (youth install)
31 Marsing HS, Boise Idaho
32 Billings HS, Montana
33 Oroville CA
34 Mt Tahoma HS, Tacoma WA

We have won back‐to‐back state titles running the PISTOL WING‐T. Bringing Coach Stewart in was the best thing we ever did”
‐‐Eric Judd, Okanogan, WA

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