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Every young coach will be asked what defense the run: 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5, 3-3-5, 3-5-3, or 52-monster? Man-blitz or Zone blitz? Box or Spill? These coaches will have a defense of the week, coverage of the week, and blitz of the week. They will tell people that they play the under front, the over front, the double eagle front and the okie front. Cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, cover 6, cover 8 and man free. Their kids will have no chance to play fast because the assignments are always changing, and more time was spent installing than practicing.



  • Train your defensive line to channel your opponent’s running back right into your most aggressive tacklers
  • Discover simple keys that will allow your linebackers to play fast, make big hits and create turnovers
  • Train your outside backers to condense a 54 yard football field into a five yardfootball field


It’s possible that you may get your package in the mail and decide that our Gang Green system does not fit your programs needs. As fellow coaches, it has always been our motto: “Coaches Helping Coaches” and over the years we have found the coaching profession to be one of the most honorable and ‘giving’ group of any profession.

That is why we will refund every penny you paid if you return all merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it.


We will also break up the $400 into three monthly installments of $140 each (yes we are charging $21 in interest) to make it easy on programs with small operating budgets.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like my Gang Green system, don’t want it, or can’t use it, just send it back to us.

“I bought the whole set of 4-2-5 Gang Green DVD’s and it was one of the best one’s I have ever seen. Great presentation and the DVDs were very easy to follow. Rick also responded to my email when I had a question. Definitely worth the money spent!” –Scott Mathenia, Dumbarton School, Baltimore Maryland

Why The Gang Green Defensive System?

Because of the simplicity and the ability to get your three most aggressive players to the ball and stuff any offensive run game. The Gang Green System will:
  • Will Adjust to Any Offensive Scheme With It’s Simplicity. No “checking” out of a call.
  • D-Line create a “moving wall” and OLB then funnel the ball into a 5-yard window.
  • Inside Linebackers “fill open windows” and “scrape closed doors”.
  • Safeties are called Falcon and Hawk because they are “Hunters”, giving you 5 Linebackers!
  • Corners will disrupt all phases of the vertical game. “Get Beat Deep, Take a Seat.”
  • “Bounce & Attack” vs Run. Force the RB to run horizontal to get “11 Helmets, 1 Poor Soul”
  • “Disrupt & Attack” vs Pass. Using a Cage Pass Rush, Spot Drops, & Pattern Reading.

You Also Get These Bonus:

  • Get the CHAMPIONSHIP Tackling Circuit, Position Tackling Drills, & Tackling in Shorts.
  • 5 Different Pursuit Drills to use in place of wind sprints so you “condition with a purpose”
  • Use Coach Stewarts practice plans and tempo to give your team a major advantage each week
  • Stewart’s teams condition during practice using double whistle & Shotgun Scout
  • Installation sequence and daily practice plans for spring, summer, & August.
  • Defensive Call Sheets, Press Box Reports, Scout Diagrams, & How to Use HUDL.
  • Everything comes on a CD-Rom to edit, print, & show your players & coaches..

Develop a relentless attack versus the run and pass using the Gang Green Defense

The Gang Green Defense for High School

  • DVD #1: Easy to Understand Terminology, Alignment, and Practice Drills
  • DVD #2: Defensive Line “Moving Wall”. Techniques, Alignments, & Assignments.
  • DVD #3: Inside LB “Fill Open Windows”. Techniques & Reads to “Fill-Scrape-Fill”
  • DVD #4: OLB & DB “Squeeze Windows” & “Set the Boundary”. Perimeter Run & Pass Defense.
  • DVD #5: Pattern Reads & Robber Coverage our of Cover 3 and Cover 4.
  • DVD #6: Championship Tackle & Pursuit Drills.
  • DVD #7: Defend the Pistol-Spread Offenses: Dictate What the QB Will Do.
  • DVD #8: Defend the Wing T & Double Wing Offenses.
  • BONUS DVD: Watch Stewart Installing the Defense at a 3-day Camp.
  • GAME FILM DVD: Endzone & Pressbox Angles with Stewart Voiceover vs Every Offense.
  • PLAYBOOK & INSTALLATION MANUAL: 175 pages of Alignments, Stunts, Blitzes, Coverages, Practice Drills, and Game Day Sheets. ****CD Roms available so that you can edit these Microsoft Word documents with your terminology.

CHAMPIONSHIP Defense for Youth

  • DVD #11: Easy to Understand Terminology, Formations, and Play Calling
  • DVD #12: Run Game (Buck, Belly, Down, Jet, Midline, Veer) with Odd & Even Blocking Every DVD shows Stewart’s youth teams on the field running 3 versions of every drill for PeeWee (3rd-4th grade), Juniors (5th-6th grade), and Seniors (7th-8th grade).
  • PLAYBOOK & INSTALLATION MANUAL: 90 pages of both the 5-3 and 6-2 Defenses with Same-Terminology so Your Players Can Easily Switch Back & Forth.
  • ****CD Roms available so that you can edit these Microsoft Word documents with your terminology

Develop a relentless attack versus the run and pass using the Gang Green Defense


  • Alignments vs every offensive formation with simple rules for every position between the 3 schemes.
  • Easy blitz and line calls apply to all three schemes.
  • Coverages are drawn up versus every formation and with every blitz.
  • DB read progression versus every 2×2 and 3×1 pass route combination.
  • EDD’s (every day drills) & techniques for every position.
  • Run defense pod groups (NG-DT-ILB or DE-OLB-CB for example), then progressing to half lines, and finally full team.
  • Perimeter and inside run fit drills using “full flow”, “split flow”, and “counter flow” drills.
  • The option game diagrammed from split back and shotgun.
  • TACKLING: Six-step tackling sequence in shorts. 12-drill CHAMPIONSHIP Tackling Circuit. Position specific tackling drills are also drawn up.
  • PURSUIT: 5 different pursuit drills so your team conditions with a purpose.
  • Installation sequence and daily practice plans are listed for spring, summer, and August.
  • Defensive call sheets, scout diagrams, and position evaluation forms.

All of these are included on a CD-Rom so you can edit them to fit your needs.

This playbook will help build a solid defense for any high school or middle school program and most of the drills can fit other defenses, such as the 4-3 and 3-3 as well.

DVD #1 Terminology, Alignment, and Practice Drills

  • Chalk talk followed by practice video of players adjusting to all of the possible formations.
  • Goals and alignments versus every offensive formation are covered in detail.
  • 6-step Tackling Technique and 12-drill Tackling Circuits
  • 5 Pursuit Drills to Teach CHAMPIONSHIP Effort and Conditioning.
  • Installation sequence & daily practice plans in spring, summer, August, and in-season.

67 minutes. 2012

DVD #2 Defensive Line Techniques & Moving Wall

  • Alignment, gap responsibility and hand placement.
  • Audibles and visual cues so players can react to O-Line.
  • Stunts such as the slant, crash, pinch and jet are used in addition to others.
  • Individual position “Every Day Drills.”
  • DE are taught how to defeat down, reach, base trap blocks.
  • NG & DT taught to take on similar blocks, with emphasis defeating double team blocks and reacting to pulling lineman.
  • Tackling drills are demonstrated that are linked to the techniques.
  • Game footage show how drills and techniques come together.

60 minutes. 2012

DVD #3 Inside Linebackers: Fill Open Windows

Easy to understand terminology, allows 20 technique linebackers in all 3 defenses to make clean reads, react aggressively, and fill alleys at the proper angles. (“Fast” vs “Tough”). Stewart uses PowerPoint diagrams, practice demonstrations and game footage – with both end zone and sideline angles – to show you the proper coaching points and practice drills that will allow your inside linebackers to play fast and aggressive.
Coach Stewart diagrams his daily window drills with six different run fits that teach linebackers how to read guards and react to blocking schemes.

  • The all-important “Fill, Scrape, Fill” technique used on inside runs
  • The difference between “Fast-Ball” and “Bounce and Flow” keys
  • Team run fits for fast, split, and counter flow provide a big picture view of inside linebacker in this scheme.

Tackling drills are diagrammed and shown that specifically reinforce techniques for inside linebackers.

Pass drops and blitz schemes are diagrammed, shown on practice field, and followed up with game film. Spot Dropping while reading the #3 defender, understanding the “Rally Zone” concept, and when to use “Jump” calls to shut down the quick passing game. Linebackers gain confidence knowing that they only have to defend a 10-yard box. They also have green light “sprint blitz” to contain a quarterback sprinting or booting out of the pocket.
These drills and techniques will help you develop the complete inside linebacker that plays fast and aggressive. It is not only for coaches wanting to run the 4-4 or 3-4 schemes, it is also ideal for any coach wanting to improve the play of their inside linebacker play.

57 minutes. 2012

DVD #4 OLB & DBs: Squeeze Windows & Set Boundaries

Simple alignment rules and limited assignment changes for his DBs and OLBs.

  • Cover 2, 3, and 4, with cloud and sky concepts, with limited changes for the outside linebackers and defensive backs.
  • Great deal of time spent on route combinations and how they are handled in each coverage as well as run fits and technique that are interchangeable between coverage schemes.
  • Stewart shows how Every Day Drills are designed to simulate game situations. 4 backpedal drills, 5 tackling drills, and seven coverage drills for 1-,3-, and 5-step routes.
  • OLB drills concentrate on defeating four types of blocks, pass coverage and tackling.
  • All the drills are drawn up on the whiteboard and followed up with on-field video of players executing each drill.
  • Defensive back pursuit drills are shown on the field and embody the motto, “11 helmets, 1 poor soul”.
  • This multiple defense allows your secondary to spend time mastering simple assignments while your opponent spends time preparing for multiple defensive strategies

86 minutes. 2012


Rick Stewart updates his very successful 4-2-5 Gang Green defense adding pattern reads and robber coverages within the secondary, making this defense even more formidable. In addition if you have watched previous “Gang Green 4-2-5” videos, Coach Stewart covers some changes and improvements they have made in the past couple of seasons.

  • A New revolver coverage and Cover 3 vs. various formations and tailored for high school teams.
  • S & OLB pattern read #2 WR, while CB reads #1 WR.
  • Split Field alignment requiring the DB to only recognize 5 offense formation possibilities, which makes it easier for coaches to teach their linebackers and defensive backs how to handle combination routes and identify their individual zones.
  • Known for his attention to detail Coach Stewart walks you through every route possibility for each defensive back and linebacker discussing reads and responsibilities.
  • Robber coverage explained and demonstrated in detail through interactive presentation showcasing alignments and technique. Each read and position is broken down in detail.
  • Coach ends with an inside look at a cover 2 scheme to put in place as an added tool for the defensive coverage tool box.

The Revolver & Robber Concepts are great ways to disguise coverages, confuse the QB, and making sure that the “defense is always right” since they are reacting to what the offensive WR does.

82 minutes. 2012


  • Situational tackling by position and as a team using these drills and circuits
  • Create and design drills based on your defensive playbook
  • Use team pursuit drills to teach “attack and swarm” the ball carrier
  • Practice plans break down yearly, seasonal, daily and position drill planning
  • Annual installation schedule showing order to put it all in.

Defensive Line

  • Demonstrate the STING progression to get separation from O-Line.
  • Improve attacking angles by reading the offensive line’s steps and blocks.
  • Neutralize & shed the blocker while getting into proper tackling angle.


  • Fit into the proper gaps & make tackles while “fill-scrape-fill”

Defensive Backs

  • DB learn to shed blocks, pursue the ball and make tackles
  • Often ignored technique of tackling a WR after the catch.
  • Proper pursuit and run fits on perimeter and middle runs

Team Tackling

  • 6-step Tackling Technique that can be taught in shorts in team setting.
  • 4-station Tackling Circuit using 12 drills that doubles as a conditioning drill
  • Use of “double whistle” to get 11 helmets to the ball.
  • 5 pursuit drills to end practice so your team conditions with a purpose.

131 minutes. 2013


Watch Stewart install the defense on the field with teams from all over the country. This is 2 hours of on field drills with a voiceover by Stewart explaining every drill.

DVD #7 Defending the Pistol & Spread Offenses

Rick Stewart methodically dissects the pistol offense into formations and backfield, pass plays and run plays showing you the keys to stopping one of the most difficult offenses.
Outlines and answers the `what ifs’ of the complete Pistol option package, Stewart peels away the layers and exposes us to the core and weakness of each play

  • Jet Read
  • Midline/Veer Option
  • Inside or Outside Zone
  • Play Action Pass
  • One Step Catch and Release
  • Boot off Inside Zone

There are a total of 6 run play categories and another 6 pass play categories
Coach Stewart explains which alignments cause the greatest difficulties for the pistol.

  • zone scheme
  • power scheme
  • veer option scheme
  • spread passing game.

The zone plays can often look the same to a defense and Stewart explains where to begin your defensive read progression.
One unique aspect of this video is that he provides you with how he breaks down different Pistol formations into Hudl.
The various Gang Green coverages are matched with 3-step and 5-step passing concepts.
This DVD could be used by Offensive Coordinators who what to learn more about running the Pistol offense.

DVD #8 Defending the Wing-T

Rick Stewart, the mastermind of the Pistol Wing-T, will take you on an inside look on how to stop this high potent offense. What better way to stop the wing-T than listening to a coach who knows this offense inside and out?

  • WING-T SERIES: Fly sweep, buck sweep, down, and belly.
  • Describes which defenders are placed in conflict and how to defeat it.
  • Formations are shown in order for you to align your defense properly.
  • Blocking assignments of each play are drawn out so DL can beat each blocking scheme.
  • How to defeat down and escape to backer blocks.
  • How to react to pulling linemen and using motion as early tendencies.
  • Blitzes & stunts are shown that gives Wing-T offenses fits.

Coach Stewarts weekly practice plan in preparation for a Wing-T team is discussed and can be essential for a successful week. By organizing your practice to defensive reads and how to blitz the Wing T you will be better prepared come game night.
If you face the difficult Wing-T throughout the season, this DVD is a must have. One of the most successful Wing-T coaches in the nation takes you on an all-access look on how to defend the Wing-T.

131 minutes. 2013


This defense easily allows your players to run an odd and even front defense with no confusion because “Alignment doesn’t change Assignment”. The playbook will show how to align to every offensive formation using 1 or 2 simple rules for each position so players can easily remember. Every position is broken down with drills to teach those positions along with the “calls” that those players need to learn. Team drills include 5 pursuit drills, 16 tackling drills, perimeter run, inside run, and how to defend the option. Cover 0 man, 1 man, and 3 are diagrammed against every route combination.


Rick Stewart understands the importance of the youth football program to help build all of the fundamentals needed to succeed – not only for the player, but for the program they are involved in. Using multiple presentation slides and on the field demonstrations, Coach Stewart takes you through each position of an odd front defense and what adjustments are made versus various offensive formations. He includes his blitz package showing you 1-, 2- and 3-linebacker blitzes.

Coach Stewart begins with an overview of philosophical beliefs, both as a coach and as a defensive coach, that you can incorporate into your program. Stewart then takes you through his odd front defense and what makes it unique verses an even front. Each position and their alignment is then broken down in detail through on screen diagrams and on field demonstrations. He stresses the importance of containing the perimeter at the youth level. Coach uses various formations so you are prepared for anything that is thrown out to you by an opposing offense. Coach teaches his shotgun approach to rep both offensive schemes, while emphasizing more defensive schematics.

Stewart continues his detail presentation, by focusing on the various fronts and slants you can present out of the odd front defense, even at the youth level. Blitzes and techniques are displayed on the field for easy implementation. One important aspect of any defense is how well you flow to the ball. Stewart breaks down each defensive position and discusses how to defend three types of flow; full flow, option full and counter flow in the odd front defense.

Stewart moves into the secondary to discuss route progression. He focuses on the basic routes a youth player may be presented with at their level. Stewart gives great coaching progressions for every player to be successful and gain confidence. All coverages are given in detail.

Coach Stewart presents his 6-step sequence to proper tackling, as well as his team tackling circuit that can be taught with or without pads on. The Funnel Drill is a high intensity drill that will make your players physical enough to stop any running attack. This drill has been one that is successful for coach year in and year out. Stewart shares five pursuit drills he closes practice to emphasize the proper flows and pursuit to the football to get 11 hats on the ball. In addition, he explains why they take the place of wind sprints.

This an unprecedented look into implementing an effective fundamental defense at the youth level.

120 minutes. 2013


Rick Stewart has taken his Gang Green 4-2-5 defense and made it a success at the high school level. In this exceptional football DVD, Coach Stewart shows you the principles that have made his gang green defense a success, and how to implement this easily at a youth level. He uses a plethora of on-field videos to demonstrate all of the drills, stunts, and blitzes so coaches can see the proper way to teach heads-up tacking along with the fundamentals of defensive play.

Coach Stewart begins with a philosophical look at alignments and the basis of this gap control defense. He does an excellent job of introducing the terminology, alignments and responsibilities through multimedia slides and on field demonstrations. You’ll see the proper flows for defensive linemen to the inside linebackers all the way back to the secondary.

Any championship defense must be able to defend three types of flow; full flow, option full and counter flow pursuit to the ball. Coach Stewart breaks down the proper flows for defensive linemen to the inside linebackers all the way back to the secondary. In each position you’ll learn how all types of flow are handled in the even front defense.

Coach then moves to the secondary as he moves through the route progressions and routes that are mainly used on the youth level. Multimedia and on field demonstrations give you a great look on how to teach your young athletes to be successful. Coverages are then broken down that are built for success once again at the youth level. Blitzes that are used within those coverages are shown at a simplistic level.

Coach Stewart presents his 6-step sequence to proper tackling, as well as his team tackling circuit that can be taught with or without pads on. The Funnel Drill is a high intensity drill that will make your players physical enough to stop any running attack. This drill has been one that is successful for coach year in and year out. Stewart shares five pursuit drills he closes practice to emphasize the proper flows and pursuit to the football to get 11 hats on the ball. In addition, he explains why they take the place of wind sprints.

Coach Stewart does an amazing job of showing how an even front defense aligns to any offense and how to recognize formations for proper alignments. He creates an easy set of rules for his back 8 to align to any formation. This scheme is easy to understand and the teaching progression is set up to use practice time in an efficient way.

120 minutes. 2013

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