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[us_testimonial author=”Coach Keith Smith” company=”” el_class=”samte”]These DVDs are very good adjustments for the youth level. I watched part 1 and can’t wait to implement the system, terminology is real simple and once again thanks for keeping it SIMPLE …… Okay now to the meat and potatoes, can you send me the formation power points, day by day schedules, script sheets/ call and attack sheets along with the individual drawings. Time for part 2
Thanks In Advance
[us_testimonial author=”Dan Powers” company=””]Thank you again for the great system that you have. I used this system for the Utah Youth girls tackle football and it was SO EASY to understand. It worked great! We were undefeated champions[/us_testimonial]
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Detailed Playbook with blocking rules vs 4 defensive fronts,. (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).

JET SWEEP (5 plays)
The Youth PASSING game is broken down into 3 parts: one step passing game (slants/fades/swings); play action; and sprint out passing (flood concept)

UNIQUE TERMINOLOGY: Stewart ran this system with 3rd – 8th graders for FIVE years at Porterville. Simple modifications and “fun” words make it easy for the players to learn. For example there are a TOTAL of SIX blocking schemes which have been adapted to every play.

Stewart’s system changes formations & motions but your team is still running the same play!!!

PASSING GAME: You will only teach your players a few basic concepts, but then “TAG” them or run them out of many different formations….so THREE sprint out concepts easily becomes NINE plays that can be ran out of SIX formations (54 plays !!!)
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All the installation drills and practice schedules needed to run this offense are diagrammed. At the end is the bonus section which includes the scout sheet that Stewart’s staff uses for film breakdown when scouting the opponents defense. There is a complete day by day installation schedule starting with 10 spring practices, 12 summer practices, 20 August practices, and in season practices. Comes with CD-Rom so everything can be customized to fit your needs.
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DVD Youth Wing T Terminology & Installation
Run a cutting edge offensive scheme that utilizes the Belly, Sweep and Down families to create tremendous misdirection while maintaining a simple scheme that the kids will love
Easily call and use multiple formations without confusing your players
Run dynamic practice drills that create superior execution by getting an incredible number of repetitions every practice
Develop practice strategies that tie the system together and make the difference between winning and losing
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149 minutes. 2014
Rick Stewart gives you an overview of the entire Pistol Wing-T Offense, and apply it to your youth football program starting at a 3rd and 4th grade level and scaffolding it to build towards your high school program. Coach Stewart does a nice job of identifying what the three different Youth levels; Pee Wee’s 3-4, Juniors 5-6, and Seniors 7-8 would be capable of executing within the offense.

Practice schedules are matched with drills that allow you to develop the skills needed to run this offense. The practice drills go in-depth into the small skills like football, cadence rhythm, motion timing, etc. that make this offense effective.

This DVD gives coaches the foundational bedrock needed to understand the entire run, pass, and trick play series.
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[us_testimonial author=”Coach Veilleux” company=””]Coach Stewart”s videos have been amazing in helping us to implement the Pistol Wing-T offense across our whole program (Pee Wee through High School). Coach Stewart does a great job breaking down the various parts of the offense and goes into great detail explaining the various plays, skills and drills needed to run this offense. The best part is Coach Stewart makes his contact information available and once the videos have been purchased will answer any questions coaches have as well as send you some additional material. Coach Stewart goes above and beyond when it comes to helping other coaches out.[/us_testimonial]
DVD Youth Wing-T Run Game

Execute 27 youth football running plays versus both an odd and even defensive look
Adjust the plays so they can be run at the “Pee-Wee” youth level
Implement simple blocking rules and how to change the rules as kids advance in age
Adjust each play so it can be run from under center
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146 minutes. 2014.
A complete step-by-step process from drills to installation along with the progression of the run game system for the Wing-T offense. With just three “families” of plays you can deceive any defense with an arsenal of misdirection and “look alike” plays. He starts out with multiple formations and demonstrates 27 plays in the Sweep, Down and Belly “families.” Using a chalk talk to thoroughly discuss the play, blocking combinations versus various defensive fronts, Stewart coaches you up on the key points that will make a big difference in the success of each play. You will get almost every play covered with The Lucky and Ringo no motion formations, which is perfect for the pee wee level.

Stewart follows up the chalk talk with a practice video of his 8th grade team running each play diagrammed and chalked. You will see common mistakes made by young players and how to correct the mistakes. Each play is drawn up against an even and odd defenses, including how to adjust to different blitzes. Learn simple line calls such as “Tug, Gut, and Moses as well as the Down,” that allow the offense to have blocking angles on any defensive structure which will allow for big plays in the run game. He also discusses in depth the run progression based on how the defense is reacting to the base play in each family.

It gives you a complete step by step process from drills to installation along with the progression of the running game. Coach Stewart does a detailed progression that is second to none.
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[us_testimonial author=”David Marean Head Coach Wayne Central High School Raiders, NY” company=””]As a high school coach who is helping coach his sons youth team this DVD 4 Pack was outstanding. Very detailed and the video is doen in a matter that is easy to absorb the information. Coach Stewart is also very accessable and responds quickly to any questions or power points you might need. Great Job Coach, keep up the great work! [/us_testimonial]
DVD Youth Wing T Passing Game

Effectively run 23 passing plays that are easy to implement at the youth level
Implement routes from play action, quick and sprint out passing “families”
Teach blocking rules for the offensive line and ensure linemen execute their assignment in the passing game
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57 minutes. 2014
Coach Stewart goes through an overview of the Pistol Wing-T passing, starting with different blocking rules to use in the passing game. He walks you through how to pick up blitzes by the defense while making adjustments to the pass protection with the play-action, chop, and sprint out passing families.

Coach Stewart then progresses to the routes, terminology, and adjustments to the play-action game against multiple defensive fronts using the sweep, belly, down, and dive run fits. He shows you different ways of attacking various defenses with the chop passing family, which is similar to the one-step passing game. He does an amazing job of describing how to first exploit defensive backs by using pass plays to the wide receivers followed by the running backs and finally the tight ends.

Finally, Coach Stewart does an outstanding job of using the speed of youth quarterbacks with the sprint out family passing routes. This series puts tremendous pressure to protect outside and will allow for the running game to open up in the middle as the outside is attacked with the sprint out family. He also shares the fundamentals for running a great wrap around draw that will help negate a strong pass rush, which gives an offense a way to keep the defense off balance.

It is all demonstrated on the field and on the whiteboard as coach presents when and how to make the right pass call from your team.
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DVD Youth Wing T Trick Plays

Get creative with your game plan and keep defenses guessing
Use nine different formations to take advantage of the defense and put the ball into the hands of your best players
Install plays that will destroy an 8-man front and attack the its weaknesses
Set up a game script that will identify how your opponent is defending you
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75 minutes. 2014.
Coach Stewart starts by looking at multiple formations that outnumber the defense at the point of attack to create blocking angles making the Pistol Wing-T so devastating. Stewart aligns the defense and how they can adjust in various ways, while showing how each formation will take advantage of those adjustments. Coach then breaks down off balance and trick formations to run plays in the short yardage, medium yardage, and long yardage situations.

Coach breaks down his plays into categories: Reverses and sweep passes; Double Pass; Counters; Short Yardage. He draws all of his plays on the board with their formations and then take it to the field to see these plays in motion.

There is much more to this video as Stewart shares his game script with you as well as how he reads the defense to call his offense. You will learn how to attack a penetrating defensive line, when to attack the flank of the defense, what plays to run versus a 3 technique and what plays to run away from one.
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[us_testimonial author=”Lemont Norcross Youth Athletic Assoc” company=””]Last year, running your Pistol system of just the Buck series, I inherited a team of 12 year olds that was winless for two years, and NO ONE wanted to coach…..and we finished the season with a 8-2 record! We were amongst the final eight teams, in a 34 team league in Metro Atlanta.
Again, any information you are willing to share would be awesome. Thanks, coach!
DVD Coaching the Wing-T Quarterback (2-dvd SET)


Synchronize the footwork and timing of your backfield players for running plays to maximize the deception of your fakes and handoffs.
Every Wing-T play is shown, step-by-step, with players on the field. Both under center and pistol formations are ran.
Drills to teach throwing mechanics, focusing on the wrist and elbow.
Proper upper & lower body mechanics are demonstrated.
Footwork for 1-step, 3-step, 5-step, and sprint out passing plays.
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[us_testimonial author=”CUSTOMER REVIEW” company=””]Coach Stewart has an understanding of the PISTOL WING T the way Stephen Hawking Understands theoretical physics[/us_testimonial]
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