Two Highly Successful High School Coaches
Have Laid It All Out For You…
All You Do Is Put In the DVD and Print Your Workout!

Build Strength
Develop Power & Explosion
Speed, Agility, & Conditioning
Warmups, Flexibility, & Nutrition


Football Coaches, Trainers, and Athletic Directors:

Here It Is ! A Championship Strength & Conditioning Program that is laid out, day by day, week by week…Designed with the high school athlete and weight room in mind.

The DVD and the manual is laid out in calendar fashion so that all you have to do is put the DVD in and zerox your workout for that week.

No fancy, expensive equipment.
Considerations for multi-sport athletes
Accounts for different bell schedules, block scheduling, etc.
BUT…we realize that every school is different, so we made everything customizable and built in 4-week, stand alone blocks that can be re-inserted anywhere into your school calendar. This allows easy adjustments to different school calendars and easy adaptations to the needs of your athletes.


Wants 12-weeks of strength, followed by 8-weeks of explosive plyometrics,

and 6-week summer conditioning program….


Wants 8-weeks of strength, 18-weeks of cross-fit, metabolic training…but agility every Tuesday

and plyometrics every Thursday.

Championship Football

Strength & Conditioning Program


It’s Game Day. Packed house, crowd roaring, and only seconds left in the game. Ball is at one-yard line, Point Guard is at the free throw line, or Batter steps into the batter’s box. 4th quarter or bottom of the seventh…Your school needs to score to win this playoff game.

The ball is snapped, the ref hands him the ball, the pitcher winds up….everything becomes deathly quiet as the play starts to unfold in slow motion…Everything on the rides on this one play, and entire season of preparation, practice, and planning is unfolding before an entire town’s eyes….

The outcome will determined by the player and team that has worked harder in the weight room. The winner will be Quicker, Faster, Stronger, More explosive, In Better Shape.

And more importantly, programs that develop a comprehensive, well thought out Strength and Conditioning program will have less injuries. From the coaching staff to the administration, you owe it to your athletes to minimize their chance for injury.

The days of bench, squat, power clean are gone…Today’s winning programs are combining…


Championship programs develop acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. Championship programs build strength and tie it together with explosiveness. Championship programs know that it doesn’t matter if your player can bench press a house if he can’t catch the other player….AND it doesn’t matter if he can catch the other player if the opponent simply runs him over.

The weight room is not a free for all, but a structured part of an athlete’s training that should be given the same focus as your offensive and defensive schemes.



These six DVD’s not only show you how to do this, but it is laid out in a day-by-day, week-by-week fashion for the busy coach. And although it is designed by football coaches, this is TOTAL ATHLETE workout !

Today’s Championship athletes aren’t doing “Junction Boys” style training, “running till they puke”, or running outdated ‘gassers” up and down the field at the end of practice.



It is very overwhelming to write and implement a complete, year-round technical strength or conditioning program. So most coaches simply fall back on the way that they were trained. Maybe you don’t have the time…Maybe you don’t have the knowledge…Maybe you don’t have the facilities….

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are. It only matters that you’re reading this now. Because the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems are literally a click away…

Two very successful high school strength & conditioning coaches have put the finishing touches on the only comprehensive, 52-week, high school specific training program..



largeRICK STEWART: Turned around 3 losing programs!

Has turned around 3 losing programs and been to 2 CIF Section Finals. With 23 years total experience and 9 years as a head coach, Stewart has had success at schools with very little support. He has never had a strength coach, trainer or equipment manager…Stewart and his coaching staff run the weight room , wash the uniforms, and literally line the practice field!

Stewart’s first miraculous turnaround was at McFarland, who was 1-19 before his arrival. They were in the playoffs for only the 4th time in school history in his second year…and all of this without a weight room! Stewart had to develop a strength & conditioning program outside on the grass based upon his training from the USMC.

The Second turnaround was at 0-20 Corcoran, who Stewart had to build a weight room from the ground up, converting an unused locker room and shower facility into a weight room using donated equipment from the local prison. Corcoran was undefeated in league champions in Stewart’s second year.

Stewart is currently in his 5th year at Porterville, who had won 8 games in 5 years when he arrived. With no weight classes offered during the day, Stewart’s entire program of 120 players had to accomplish all of their training before & after school…but they have won 28 games in 3 years, won the first playoff game in 120-years school history, and became the first team in the city to make to the CIF section finals. Last year’s team was 12-0, advancing to Porterville’s second consecutive section final, only to lose on a hail mary pass when the safety slipped and fell in the rain.

Stewart’s has never coached a scholarship athlete and his Porterville offense has went over 4,000 yards in consecutive years, despite averaging 203 pounds on the offensive line.

Stewart and Murphy have taken all of this experience and created the Championship Strength, Speed, & Xplosion system. The S.S.X. system ties it all together into a 52-week training program that fits the high school calendar.

There are other training programs out there. Some only address straight ahead speed. Others stick to multidirectional agility. One program might build strength, while another builds explosion. But there’s no progression in terms of where, when, how many to do, and how often.

The Championship S.S.X. system puts it all together.

Doesn’t matter how much experience or knowledge you have

Year Round
Speed – Strength – Xplosion
Training System
for High School Athletics


The 6 DVD program contains every drill and exercise that you need to develop Championship Athletes.

Every DVD has a power point explanation from Coach Stewart interjected with the appropriate exercise. Everything is layed out by HOW MUCH, HOW OFTEN, and IN WHAT ORDER.

Since there are many names for the same exercise around the country, we cataloged every exercise & their variations on a DVD by the terminology used in the powerpoints and in the binder, so that you can quickly look up every exercise and make sure that we are all on the same page. In fact, there are more exercises on this DVD than are actually mentioned, giving you even more room to customize the workouts to your needs.

30 Dynamic Warmup and 10 flexibility exercises
50 Ab & Core exercises
40 demonstrations of Olympic and strength exercises plus their variations.
10 of the S.S.T./cross-fit metabolic workouts developed by Steve Kenyon.
15 pushup, 9 pullup, and 5 back variations
0 shoulder & arm exercises
20 Kettlebell (or dumbell) movements
5 Complex Lifts (including clean, snatch, squat teaching progressions)
20 Agility exercises and 20 ladder exercises
20 Speed and 20 plyometric exercises

We also realized that every school has unique settings in regards to bell schedules and equipment, so we put all the powerpoints and Excel workouts on the BONUS CD so that you can download to your computer and customize the way you want!

Coach Stewart & Coach Murphy has laid out three different Annual Workout plans for you to choose from. These workouts are “turn-key”, meaning that you just follow the day-by-day instructions all year long since our coaches have put all the pieces of the puzzle together and left out all the guesswork.


The Excel workouts are grouped by the same categories as on the DVD and are broken down into 4-week segments, so the three recommended workout plans can be modified into an endless number of combinations!

Also, we have included the three recommended workouts that can be zeroxed on a daily basis. The binder & these workouts work seamlessly with the DVDs. There is also the nutritional handouts to go over with your players. The binder also has 50 pages of the science of energy systems, and physiology considerations to exercise training.


To order by check, money order, or purchase order. Click here to print out an order rofm and send your payment by mail to:

Championship Football
56 S. Corona Dr
Porterville, CA 93257

Money Back Guarantee

It’s possible that you may get your package in the mail and decide that our Championship SSX system does not fit your programs needs. As fellow coaches, it has always been our motto: “Coaches Helping Coaches” and over the years we have found the coaching profession to be one of the most honorable and ‘giving’ group of any profession.

That is why we will refund every penny you paid if you return all merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it.

No questions asked.

We will also break up the $137 into three monthly installments of $50 each (yes we are charging $13 in interest) to make it easy on programs with small operating budgets.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like our Championship SSX system, don’t want it, or can’t use it, just send it back to us.

DVD #1

Year Round Planning & Design

Coach Stewart & Coach Murphy discuss things that you should be thinking about as you decide how you are going to plan out our training program. They will talk about what should be your goals and your vision, so that you will understand the “why” behind the actual workout DVDs. This DVD will cover:

Basic understanding of ATP energy systems,

Why less is more, knowing when to stop, importance of recovery.

Importance of variety,

Ability to calculate volume & intensity properly.

Set & Rep guidelines

Basic organization on a daily basis (order of exercises)

Maximizing your time and how to properly interval train

Year Round Organization (three different perspectives)

Multiple Sport Athletes and game day training

DVD #2

Strength & Core

This DVD covers every set, rep, and intensity to build your athlete’s strength & core. While it mainly explains how to progressively build strength over a 52-week course…there is also a technical section at the end that explains the proper teaching of Olympic lifts.

The basic phases to building strength are also explained, BASE, STRENGTH, & PEAK. Our Workouts move progressively from building strong muscle mass to making that strength functional so that power & explosion can be maxmimized.

This DVD will explain multi joint & unilateral movements…and has a great incorporation of kettle bell exercises that can be done with dumbells if you don’t have kettle bells.

Our philosophy about building the core is that it connects the lower to the upper body and cannot be ignored. But we don’t simply do a bunch of crunches at the end of every workout…we are constantly building the core during every workout with a combination of ground & upright based movements.

But everything is laid out for you with powerpoint, video, and in the Manual so you don’t even have to think about what to do next.

DVD #3

Power & XPlosion

What good is strength without power & explosion? They go hand in hand and this component has to be trained complementary with strength. DVD #4 shows you how to slowly incorporate power into your strength workouts and as you get close to spring ball your athletes will have transitioned to a very explosive workout.

We will talk about design considerations as to when to introduce plyometrics, as well as to the progression of teaching them. We will show you that plyometrics is so much more than jumping on and off boxes.

DVD #4

Speed, Agility, & Conditioning

Straight sprinting speed training does not transfer to change of direction speed. Sports is a constant game of change of direction and this DVD shows you how to improve all of your athletes in this area. We will start with the 1st phase of speed: quickness and then go into the teaching progression of speed mechanics. Some of this is incorporated into the daily dynamic warmup, some of it is developed in the weight room, and the rest is done on non-lifting days in spring & summer.

Conditioning is discussed and the old school of ‘running till you puke’ is just that old school. We will show that an understand energy systems will lead to you conditioning your athletes in a much more efficient way. Conditioning helps maintain the speed you already have and decreases body fat…but to increase speed, you must train with speed.

DVD #5

Warmup, Flexibility, & Nutrition

This DVD covers Dynamic Warmup, when static stretching is effective, and the importance of post workout flexibility. This DVD is the one that will decrease injuries, and covers Prehab / Rehab workouts.

There is a power point that puts nutrition in easy to understand terms for your athletes and this goes hand in had with the handouts from the binder that you will give your athletes as you go thru the power point.

DVD #6

Youth & Freshman Development

This DVD is an actual workout for developing young athletes using alot of body weight routines and functional movements. There is a buildup to the Olympic movements, but the sets, reps, and intensity is kept at a very safe amount. This DVD is ideal for:

Freshman Athletic Weight Training Classes
Middle School PE classes
Youth & Middle school aged tackle football programs
Parents of young athletes
Volunteer youth coaches

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