Pistol Wing T Offense

Wing-T System out of the PISTOL Formation

Fast Tempo & Deception of Wing-T
Putting Defense in Conflicts
Run Every Play Out of Many Different Formations
QB Can Read Unblocked Defenders
Easy QB Pass Reads
A Defensive Coordinator’s Worst Nightmare
Merging the ferocious intensity of the Under Center Wing-T with the slick deception of the Pistol Offense, Coach Stewart has used this offensive system to turn around three different schools and lead each team to the playoffs within his first two seasons at the helm.

Took over a small, agricultural school with 600 students and no weight room that was 1-19 to playoffs in Year 2;
Broke an 0-27 losing streak at a school with 900 students, winning an undefeated league title in Year 2;
Won 40 games in 5 years, including back-to-back section runnerups at a large, rural school of 2,000 students that had won 8 games in the 5 years prior to his arrival.
Coach Stewart has never coached a scholarship player!

Many football programs do not have the size or talent to play smash mouth football. They must out maneuver defenses in simple but effective multi-formation offensive systems. He had to devise a system that makes average players great !!!

And now teams from all over the country have used this system to put up incredible offensive numbers:
[us_testimonial author=”Andy Hare – Christian High School” company=””]I have purchased all your videos and love the offense! Went 10-1 this year scoring 458 points, including 70, 63, and 50 points in single games[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Mike Minikwu” company=””]We installed the offense in 1st year at Postville, Iowa and went 10-2, making it to Quarterfinals and finishing Top 10 in total offense. Installed it at Moore Haven Florida, taking over an 0-10 team. We went 9-1 ending an 8-year playoff drought[/us_testimonial]
Why The Pistol WING T Offense System?

Coach Stewart takes you through the process of moving the QB from the Under Center with his back to the defense into the Pistol Formation without violating the tried and true tenants of the Wing T System. Stewart’s offensive system takes the high tempo, hit you in the mouth of the Wing-T and then adds the advantages of deception and the effective passing game of the Pistol.

Run the Wing-T series out of Pistol: Buck Sweep, Belly, Jet, Down, Midline, &Veer.
Read unblocked defenders in the run game by backing the QB away from the line.
Use the Pistol Formation to open up the passing game
Install the Pistol Wing-T using a variety of individual and group drills
Use Coach Stewarts practice plans and tempo to give your team a major advantage each week
Stewart’s teams condition during practice using a “racehorse” philosophy that has a goal of repping 2 to 3 drills or a plays every minute of practice.
Learn how Stewart scouts both himself & upcoming opponents during the Spring, Summer, and then during the season. You will see how Stewart devises his weekly game plan and what every coach on his staff is looking for as he calls the plays on Friday night.
[us_testimonial author=”Gary Payne, North Carolina” company=””]As a long time Wing T Coach I was looking for away to expand the offense to help with future personnel. I found Coach Stewart’s DVDS to be the direction I want to take the offense in. He does a great job with drills and installation. The offense will fire up our players while allowing us to keep a lot of our base Wing T concepts. This DVD series is a must for any Wing T Coach. I also appreciated Coach Stewart making himself available to answer questions for anyone as they put the system in. Semper Fi Coach Stewart[/us_testimonial]
The Pistol Wing-T is a fast, explosive offense that requires the ball to be snapped within 3 seconds of breaking the huddle. This puts great pressure on the defense to recognize all the different formations that Stewart uses. It is also an offense designed for the 180 pound guard and 140 pound halfback, so quickness and conditioning are very important components to compete against bigger opponents. Stewart is a master at incorporating conditioning into the entire practice and challenges his athletes both physically and mentally.

If you are a true Wing-T believer looking for new ways to unleash this powerful attack. Rick Stewart’s Pistol Wing-T will combine a deceptive run game with a modern passing attack.
The Pistol Wing-T Offense for High School

DVD #1: Easy to Understand Terminology, Formations, and Play Calling
DVD #2: Practice Plans and Installation Sequence
DVD #3: Run Game (Buck, Belly, Down, Jet, Midline, Veer) with Odd & Even Blocking
DVD #4: Passing Game (drop back, sprint passing, screen, draw, & play action)
DVD #5: Using Formations, Trick Plays, & Combo Packages to out leverage the defense.
DVD #6: Offensive Line individual & combination drills on bags and sled.
DVD #7: Backfield Drills teaching individual techniques but also detailed backfield footwork.
DVD #8: QB & WR Drills teaching individual techniques and also how to attack coverages.
DVD #9-#12: Attacking 3-3 / 4-3 / 4-4 / 3-4 Defenses
DVD #9-#12: Off-season scouting and weekly game planning
DVD #13-#14: Three hours game film of run & pass plays chaptered by play & defenses.
DVD #15: Three Tempo No Huddle Pace & Post Snap Reads of unblocked defenders.
DVD #16: Team Camp Installation DVD. On field video of Stewart installing the offense.
PLAYBOOK: 156 pages of blocking rules and every play drawn up vs 4 different defenses. **
INSTALLATION MANUAL: Detailed practice plans with every drill drawn up. **
O-LINE MANUAL: Detailed OL practice plans with pictures of every drill, along with drawings.**
**CD Roms available so that you can edit these Microsoft Word documents with your terminology.

If your team is looking to put points on the board, the Pistol Wing-T is definitely something you need to see. This offense will allow you to become more multiple, out flank the defense, make defensive coordinators go out of their mind and put more points on the board.

The Pistol Wing-T Offense for Youth

DVD #17: Easy to Understand Terminology, Formations, and Play Calling
DVD #18: Run Game (Buck, Belly, Down, Jet, Midline, Veer) with Odd & Even Blocking
DVD #19: Passing Game (1-step drop back, sprint out, play action, & draws)
DVD #20: Using Formations to gain advantages and Trick Plays to keep offense honest.
Every DVD shows Stewart’s youth teams on the field running 3 versions of every drill for PeeWee (3rd-4th grade), Juniors (5th-6th grade), and Seniors (7th-8th grade).

PLAYBOOK: 156 pages of blocking rules and every play drawn up vs 4 different defenses. **
**CD Roms available so that you can edit these Microsoft Word documents with your terminology
[us_testimonial author=”Matt Bean – Easthampton Youth Football, Ma” company=””]I have been coaching youth football for 16 seasons in a small town of 15,000 people. I have studied everything that I could get my hands on and wanted to let you know that your youth series is the best materials that I have ever come upon. The way that you adapted jthe system for kids and the practical advice for running it are outstanding[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”” company=””]Well worth the money… The first two videos are over two hours each!!! Coach Stewart is very responsive to questions and requests for additional info. Highly recommended!!! Shane A Nunn 8th Grade HC/OC WJFL Washington, MO[/us_testimonial]
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Money Back Guarantee

It’s possible that you may get your package in the mail and decide that our Pistol Wing T system does not fit your programs needs. As fellow coaches, it has always been our motto: “Coaches Helping Coaches” and over the years we have found the coaching profession to be one of the most honorable and ‘giving’ group of any profession.

That is why we will refund every penny you paid if you return all merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it.

No questions asked.

We will also break up the $500 into three monthly installments of $175 each (yes we are charging $25 in interest) to make it easy on programs with small operating budgets.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like our Pistol Wing T system, don’t want it, or can’t use it, just send it back to us.
RICK STEWART: Turned around 3 losing programs!

Has turned around 3 losing programs and been to 2 CIF Section Finals. With 23 years total experience and 9 years as a head coach, Stewart has had success at schools with very little support

He has never had a strength coach, trainer or equipment manager…Stewart and his coaching staff run the weight room , wash the uniforms, and literally line the practice field!

Stewart’s first miraculous turnaround was at McFarland, who was 1-19 before his arrival. They were in the playoffs for only the 4th time in school history in his second year…and all of this without a weight room! Stewart had to develop a strength & conditioning program outside on the grass based upon his training from the USMC.

The Second turnaround was at 0-20 Corcoran, who Stewart had to build a weight room from the ground up, converting an unused locker room and shower facility into a weight room using donated equipment from the local prison. Corcoran was undefeated in league champions in Stewart’s second year.

Stewart really fine tuned the offense at Porterville, who had won 8 games in 5 years when he arrived. With no weight classes offered during the day, Stewart’s entire program of 120 players had to accomplish all of their training before & after school…but they have won 28 games in 3 years, won the first playoff game in 120-years school history, and became the first team in the city to make to the CIF section finals. Last year’s team was 12-0, advancing to Porterville’s second consecutive section final, only to lose on a hail mary pass when the safety slipped and fell in the rain.

Stewart’s has never coached a scholarship athlete and his Porterville offense has went over 4,000 yards in consecutive years, despite averaging 203 pounds on the offensive line.
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Stewart Never Coached a Scholarship Player.

No Huddle & Post Snap Reads

Force opposing defenses to play “five quarters of football” using an up-tempo, no huddle Wing-T Offense
Utilize three different tempos for no huddle offense
Implement blocking schemes that provide an extra blocker on the linebackers
Get more reps in practice with a no huddle system – your practice is conditioning
[us_single_image image=”5172″ size=”full” align=”center”]
68 minutes. 2014
Rick Stewart, one of the most highly successful high school coaches in the country, takes you through his up-tempo “NASCAR pace” offense. This no huddle attack with post snap reads will create imbalance for every defense you face. Increased plays, counters for every defense, reads for every defense, and formations to create mismatches are all on display.

Coach Stewart begins with his post-snap reads for the essential Wing-T plays: Belly, Down, Tackle Trap, Quick Trap and jet. Stewart has eliminated the option call and turned these plays to a true read concept by his quarterback. Now you do not have to wait to call the option if the defense is cheating to these plays. You force them to play assignment football and defend the option on every play, allowing your quarterback to take advantage of what the defense is giving you each snap. Five post-snap reads are explained for each play. Coach Stewart details the alignment and assignment of each position to include which player you read when pitching the football. These reads add an element to your scheme that will always allow the defense to be wrong.

Moving into the up-tempo portion of the video, Coach Stewart takes you through every aspect of his up-tempo no huddle philosophy for instant results. He gives you six reasons on why you should run the no huddle tempo offense. He points out you get more snaps, wear out the opponents defense, your practice conditioning, more reps in practice, easier to run your two minute, and easier to audible. Coach takes you from signals to snap counts all the way to the way your categorize and call your plays. The no huddle installation is broken down into three types of tempos; Red, Yellow, and Green Light tempos. These tempos allow coaches and players to go as fast as they want and still get in the best plays for critical situations.

Coach Stewart ends with various unbalanced formations to create defensive mismatches

The newly implemented pace to Coach Stewart’s offense and the post snap reads elevate his offense to even greater heights. This high-octane philosophy is sure to present defensive coordinators with fits. Take this DVD home today and install a program that is sure to get your offense up-tempo and up-to-date.
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Watch Stewart install the offense on the field with teams from all over the country. This is 2 hours of on field drills with a voiceover by Stewart explaining every drill.
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Detailed Playbook with blocking rules vs 4 defensive fronts,. (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).

BUCK SWEEP (5 plays) BELLY (8 plays)
DOWN (5 plays) JET / ROCKET (4 plays)
MIDLINE/VEER (7 plays) TRICK PLAYS (8 plays)
COMBO PLAYS (16 plays) SHORT YARDAGE (16 plays)
Entire PASSING game breaking down how to attack different coverages (Man, Cover 1, 2, 3, and 4)

[us_single_image image=”5177″ size=”full” align=”center”]
[us_single_image image=”5174″ size=”full” align=”right”]

Installation drills, scouting reports, and practice schedules

All the drills needed to run this offense are diagrammed. At the end is the bonus section which includes the scout sheet that Stewart’s staff uses for film breakdown when scouting the opponents defense.

There is a complete day by day installation schedule starting with 10 spring practices, 12 summer practices, 20 August practices, and in season practices
[us_single_image image=”5174″ size=”full” align=”right”]

The Excel workouts are grouped by the same categories as on the DVD and are broken down into 4-week

[us_single_image image=”5179″ size=”full” align=”center”]
[us_single_image image=”5174″ size=”full” align=”right”]

Detailed Playbook with blocking rules vs 4 defensive fronts. (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).

Entire PASSING game breaking down how to attack different coverages (Man, Cover 1, 2, 3, and 4)

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UNIQUE TERMINOLOGY: Stewart ran this system with 3rd – 8th graders for FIVE years at Porterville. Simple modifications and “fun” words make it easy for the players to learn. For example there are a TOTAL of SIX blocking schemes which have been adapted to every play.

Stewart’s system changes formations & motions but your team is still running th same play!!!

PASSING GAME: You will only teach your players a few basic concepts, but then “TAG” them or run them out of many different formations….so THREE sprint out concepts easily becomes NINE plays that can be ran out of SIX formations (54 plays !!!)
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DVD #1

Overview & Terminology

System Overview

With the use of power point, practice and game video, Porterville’s offensive system is drawn up and installed with a variety of coaching points. The plays that are shown include: The Buck Sweep Series, Down Series, Belly Series, Guard and Tackle Trap, Midline and Veer Options, Jet Sweep and portions of the passing game.
Player tags and numbers, hole numbers, formations, key words and blocking schemes are all covered in this section. Also included is a segment on how Porterville calls their plays. Simple tags are used to create hundreds of possibilities–a nightmare for the defense. From three backs to empty sets and a “Wildcat” alignment, this offense appears limitless.

Individual and Group Drills
Learn the key drills used to install and practice his offense. Using chalk talk, power point, practice and game footage, Coach Stewart walks you through well over 60 individual and group drills used to install and train players to run the Pistol Wing-T. The individual segment shows a variety of drills and key coaching points for each offensive position: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, and Offensive Line. The group drills incorporate multiple positions and allow the pieces of the offense to come together in a timely fashion. Backfield drills and linemen drills are demonstrated with maximum efficiency to assure quality while maximize repetitions. Each drill is a building block of the Pistol Wing-T Offense.

Practice Plan
Porterville’s offensive practice plan is shown and discussed thoroughly so that anyone wishing to install and run the Pistol Wing-T can do so in a relatively easy manner. A daily plan is outlined and variations and conditioning options are discussed.

If your team is looking to put points on the board, the Pistol Wing-T is definitely something you need to see. This offense will allow you to become more multiple, out flank the defense, make defensive coordinators go out of their mind and put more points on the board
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DVD #2

20 Core Run Plays

Learn 23 deceptive run plays from the Wing-T playbook–in Pistol fashion
Learn how to be multiple in the Wing-T
Key a defender and exploit him
Use formations to create advantageous blocking angles
Coach Stewart covers the Pistol Wing-T run game within a basic Wing-T series approach. He will help you install 23 run plays from five different Wing-T series. Every play and series is presented first through a Smart Board power point presentation with diagrams and coaching points. These presentations are then followed by on-field demonstrations of each play carried out by a junior college football team learning the offense for the first time. The DVD concludes with Coach Stewart sharing actual game footage of each play, by series, from the Porterville Panther season.

Through Coach Stewart’s presentation, you will learn:

How to build the offense and make adjustments against various defenses
Blocking rules that enable the OL to make quick adjustments versus odd and even fronts
The most effective blocking angles to assure success for your offense
How to use formations to create great blocking angles
How to set up the pass through the run
The attention to detail in this video will allow any coach to walk away with something useful for their offensive attack. If you are one of the Wing-T faithful, the payoff from this DVD is even greater allowing you the flexibility and change to keep your opponents guessing what you’re going to do next, without losing the integrity of this powerful offense. More importantly you will be able to do so without any interruption to the learning process of your players
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DVD #3

Four Phase Passing Game

In this DVD, Coach Stewart takes you through four phases of his Pistol passing game. He starts with his sprint out passing game, moves to 3-step and 5-step route combinations, and finishes with his play action passing game. All phases of the pass game are covered with whiteboard play diagrams followed by game video of each play.
Sprint Out Passing Game
Starting with the sprint out passing game, Stewart explains his terminology and diagrams his numbered and tagged passing tree routes. This section of the video also offers pass protection schemes and demonstrates of how to incorporate jet motion into the sprint out package.

3- and 5- Step Route Combinations
The 3-step schemes use the bubble/funnel spread principles that allow you to quickly get the ball to your best athletes on the perimeter. Stewart discusses how to put slot defenders in conflict using the run game and quick 3-step route combinations. The 5-step game puts additional stress on the defense using an easy-to-learn system that includes crossing routes from a variety of positions.

Play Action
Last but not least, the Pistol play action passing game blends perfectly with traditional Wing-T run and pass principles. As Stewart points out, the traditional Wing-T play action passes are even better from the Pistol due to the longer “ride” on the play action fake. All the best Wing-T play actions are covered, including; Waggle, Belly pass, and Veer and Midline pass plays.

This system will allow your team to stress the defense from sideline-to-sideline, vertically, and in-between the tackles. This is every defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare
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DVD #4

Use Formations, Trick Plays, Combo Packages to Keep Defense Off Balance

Use Multiple Formations, motions, & shifts to enhance your offense
Keep defenses off balance with screens and draws
Install trick plays that fit your personnel
Take advantage of defensive reactions with combo plays
motion and shift variations, combo play packages, draw & screen plays and his favorite trick plays that will keep your opponents off balance.

Coach Stewart’s instruction covers:

How to out-formation any defense to gain a numbers advantage at point of attack.
How to use audibles to better attack a defense’s weakness when they shift.
How to use multi-formations and run similar offensive plays and blocking rules.
How to create defensive confusion through offensive shifts and motion to catch the DBs out of position.
How to set up a series of plays by using similar shifts, motions, formations to trick the defense into over pursuit.
This DVD has something for everyone and operates under the premise that “the defense can never be right.” Even if you are not running the Pistol, Coach Stewart’s DVD is a great addition to your coaching library based on the trick plays and screen plays presented. If you run one of the many variations of the Spread Offense, this DVD is a detailed tutorial on multi-formations, motions and shifts.

Order now and learn how to score your next TD using proven multi-formations strategies and trick plays.
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[us_single_image image=”5193″ size=”full” align=”center”]
DVD #5

Year Round Installation & Practice Plans

Coach Stewart shows you how to install the Pistol Wing-T system starting in the spring and continuing through summer, fall, and into your season. You will quickly see why, despite having many 2-way starters, his teams finish strong each game without ever running sprints during practice.
This DVD shows annual, monthly, and daily practice plans that are discussed thoroughly so that anyone wishing to install and run the Pistol Wing-T can do so in a relatively easy manner.

Practice Goals & Considerations
This is the “checklist” of goals and expectations of every practice in regards to turnovers, maximum reps, and conditioning with a purpose. Stewart’s linear teaching progression is discussed and he shows how to match the technique to the drill to the play call.

Stewart also shows how to correctly balance full contact with no contact drills. Stewart’s practice schedules always contain “hidden” individual time that gives position coaches additional time to teach important techniques.

Off-Season & Spring
Stewart shows how to get a jump on your opponents by starting your teaching after school and in the weight room when your players come back from winter break. He then goes through his day-by-day installation sequence during 10 spring practices. Daily practice schedules are shown, in addition to the sequence of motions, formations, and plays that are installed first.

Stewart allows for 12 summer practices which balances the demands of multiple-sport athletes and allows for players and coaches to enjoy their summer break. The installation schedule is continued from the spring with the goal of the entire base offense being installed before August. Stewart also shows how to approach 7 on 7 and summer camps.

Stewart summarizes the individual and group drills that are explained in the other Pistol Wing-T videos, but here he shows when and where the drills are inserted into the practice schedules. He then goes through his twenty August practices and how he re-installs all of the plays but now adds the “wrinkles” such key breakers, blitz pickup, and use of different formations.

At all of Stewart’s coaching stops, most of the players and coaches worked during the day, so he shows a unique way of doing “double practices” without having a morning practice.

The Pistol Wing-T is a fast, explosive offense that requires the ball to be snapped within 3 seconds of breaking the huddle. This puts great pressure on the defense to recognize all the different formations that Stewart uses. It is also an offense designed for the 180 pound guard and 140 pound halfback, so quickness and conditioning are very important components to compete against bigger opponents. Stewart is a master at incorporating conditioning into the entire practice and challenges his athletes both physically and mentally.

In-Season and Playoffs
This section shows how to effectively use your time once school has started and how Coach Stewart uses every assistant coach in weekly game plans. Daily practice schedules are shown and discussed. He then shows how he modifies for league and playoffs so that players do not become burned out or over-fatigued, exposing them to late season injury.

Scouting the Opponent
Stewart quickly shows how his entire staff is utilized in off-season, in-season, and game night scouting. He talks about what he looks for in an opponent when devising his weekly game plan and what every coach is looking for as he calls the plays on Friday night.

This video is packed with information and coaching insights. Order now and get plans and ideas for putting in the Pistol Wing-T offense!
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DVD #6

Backfield Drills

Take your Wing-T offense to a whole new level by implementing the Pistol Wing-T. You get the same devastating misdirection found in the conventional Wing-T, with all of the advantages of putting the quarterback in the gun.
Coach Stewart uses a PowerPoint presentation and live demonstrations to teach you all of the new wrinkles, drills and concepts in the exciting Wing-T Pistol offense. You will see the backfield footwork for all the Wing-T running plays, as well as his newest version of motion that sends the wing behind the QB instead in front of him. This change adds more misdirection to the Pistol Wing-T, which will create hesitation in any defense.

Coach Stewart opens with the Buck Sweep and the 32 G.T. emphasizing that the ball never leaves the quarterback’s belly and that the running backs are responsible for all fakes. Next Stewart shows you the 36 Down, Veer and the Counter and how the same steps are used by the QB in all the plays. The Belly Series includes the G, 28 Option, 28 G Belly, 33 Belly GT and the 41 Trap. Stewart uses the Midline and Veer series out of the Pistol to put additional pressure on the defense.

Every day drills are highlighted for each position so that you will have an understanding of specific skills needed to run the offense. Adding plays that require similar footwork for the backfield allows you to efficiently install and practice both traditional Wing-T plays along with outside veer, inside veer and midline. Coach Stewart’s drills teach:

Proper backfield alignment for the quarterback and each running back The backfield footwork and the coaching points to execute the motion properly to ensure the defense cannot key on one playerVarious running back drills that involve blocking and running with the ballHow to fake hand-offs and use deception to your advantageThe “knuckleball” snap that puts the laces into the quarterback’s throwing hand for a quick delivery

Practice video is included that shows how Coach Stewart administers each drill and how it is tied to specific plays.

Expertly execute your backfield movements this season with excellent deception and timing!
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DVD #7

Offensive Line Drills

Install and drill five essential phases for successfully blocking for the Wing-T
Learn how offensive linemen can effectively block using shoulder and hand blocking techniques in the Pistol Wing-T
Learn how to design drills that can be applied to specific plays and blocking techniques
Rick Stewart does a superb job of teaching coaches how to improve offensive line performance for the Pistol Wing-T. Coach Stewart walks through each blocking technique and then uses practice video to show how he administers each technique using heavy bags.

Stewart shows how to create proper first-step mechanics in your linemen. He preaches the power step and getting the second step on the ground before contact so your linemen can elevate defenders on their third step. His sled progression includes the 1,2,3-Down-Pull & Trap before he finishes with the Sled Drive.

Hand shields are used to simulate the more realistic block on a moving target. The use of double team and combo blocking is shown as well as the Belly Drill. A group work time allows players to work together on all types of combination blocks needed in the Wing-T.

Stewart designs each drill so linemen can respond to both odd and even defensive fronts. He diagrams each technique, drill and play so that players are prepared each week for their next opponent.

For smaller schools he shows how to use half line drills so that you can get every play installed with fewer players.

This is a comprehensive offensive line video that will assist coaches at both the middle school and high school levels.
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DVD #8

Passing Game Drills

Rick Stewart uses simple but effective processes for improving quarterback play and his overall passing game.

QB Drills
Coach Stewart provides over 20 drills for you to use to help improve quarterback play in the Pistol Wing-T system. He covers mechanics, pass play footwork, run play footwork and option footwork. Also included are sprint passing techniques, so coaches can improve their play action passing game.
In the Pistol, the quarterback is three yards from the line of scrimmage, so the 1-, 3- and 5-step drops are modified. Stewart explains how and where the quarterback needs to be based on these modifications. He also shows a highly effective approach to finding the open receiver and explains how to teach the quarterback to read defenses.

WR Drills
Coach Stewart’s wide receivers drills are a must for any coach who works with receivers. The receiver section contains 15+ drills. The blocking session shows you how receivers stalk and crack. The 2,4,6 and 9 cone drill for receivers is one of the best set of drills a coach can use to work on cuts, chattering down on breaks, and catching the ball.

Stewart does a tremendous job explaining each drill with PowerPoint and practice video.

Group Drills, Simulation Drills, Screen Game, Practice Schedule
In the last section of the video, Coach Stewart gives you quarterback and wide receiver group drills, simulation drills, the screen game and practice schedule. The simulation drill allows quarterbacks to see where receivers will be at end of their routes and where the open windows will be. You’ll also learn to execute eight screen plays with just three blocking schemes.

Coaches will find these drills for mechanics and footwork highly effective easy to install into their daily practice schedule.
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[us_single_image image=”5199″ size=”full” align=”center”]
DVD #9

Attack the 4-3 Defense

Coach Stewart uses a power point presentation before showing you practice and game video of his dynamic Pistol Wing-T offense shredding the 4-3 defense. The key in defeating the 4-3 defense is the ability to run the ball from the inside out and putting the safeties in conflict: “Is it run or pass?”
Coach Stewart provides a very detailed plan for attacking the 4-3 defense beginning with off season scouting up to and including your next game. He explains how to scout your opponent from the previous season by identifying returning players and then creating a reaction diagram for each play. Reaction diagrams will help coaches understand who is reading running backs versus linemen. It will also pinpoint alley players and show how safeties are responding to motion and formation alignments. The need for “if then” statements is covered so you can call plays and make game time adjustments effectively.

The Pistol Wing-T allows for a multiple formation attack to force the defense to declare their gap assignments and pass zones. To start the game, Coach Stewart likes to attack the defense from the inside. Coach Stewart explains the G Trap, Gut, Tackle Trap, and Midline, describing when and where to attack the defense. You’ll see the best way to gain an advantage on bigger defensive tackles. You’ll also learn how to attack the off-tackle hole with various motions and formations, including the G Lead, GT, and Crisscross series.

The 4-3 Defense leaves the flats vulnerable in the Cover 4, so Stewart shows how to take advantage with a variety of sweeps, screens and options. Coaches will find his seven man alignment diagrams useful in deciding whether to initially attack the middle, off tackle or flank of a defense.

The Pistol Wing-T passing game attacks the various coverages and provides for big play potential when the defense over-commits to stop the high powered running game.

This DVD takes the traditional Wing-T to a whole new level, coaches at all levels will benefit from Coach Stewart’s insight on attacking the 4-3 defense with the Wing-T Pistol Offense.
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DVD #10

Attack 4-4 and 4-2 Defenses

If you have struggled to move the ball against the 4-2 and 4-4 defenses, help is on the way! Rick Stewart gives you an attack plan that will allow your team to light up the scoreboard and attack the defense with both the run and the pass.
Starting before the season even begins, Coach Stewart shares his out of season scouting procedure and discusses why it is important to understand how teams are going to defend your offense. This gives you time to plan your attack for each team on your schedule. He also goes over the basics of his Pistol Wing-T offense, describing his terminology and the number system he uses.

Moving to strategy, Coach Stewart shows you an effective way to identify the front of the 4-4 and 4-2-5 defenses. Stewart attacks the 4-2/4-4 defense off tackle first, as he runs at the defensive end and determines his technique. If the end flies up field, you can run the Down, G-Lead and Belly Counter. If the defensive end squeezes and the Outside Backer is reading, the Buck Sweep, Inside and Outside Veer are available options. Stewart covers each possible defensive technique and how he attacks it.

Learn how to attack the flank and how to put the number 4 defender in “conflict.” The OLB has to defend the alley and defend the flats. By attacking his assignment with motions and play actions he is in constant conflict. When the middle softens up, you can attack it with the 32 G, the 34 Veer, Option, Fly Sweep, Belly Pass and Down Pass.

Coach Stewart includes his passing game and shows you how he attacks Cover 3, Roll Cover 2 and man-to-man. You’ll see a sprint package that gets your QB on the edge with the option to run or pass the ball.

You can combine play action passing and the sprint passing game to attack the defensive zones covered by the OLB and corners or the corners and free safety. You will see each play diagrammed by Stewart along with practice and game footage.

As a bonus, Stewart shares his screens and wrap around draw play rounding out an incredible offensive package!

This is a proven system that Stewart has used to turn around three different high school programs. Use his knowledge and create an offensive system that has an answer for every defensive adjustment.
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DVD #11

Attack 3-3 and Bear Defenses

Rick Stewart gives you a blueprint for defeating the 3-3 defense with the Pistol Wing-T offense.

Wing-T coaches have often struggled versus this defense due to the number of defenders lined up between the offenses tackles. Coach Stewart explains several base alignments you can use against this defense and how you can force the defense to change their alignment by attacking different parts of the field.
The playbook is very similar to the traditional Wing-T, but with the quarterback off the line of scrimmage, the offense presents additional challenges to any defense. Stewart holds nothing back as he presents his concepts on reading defenses and calling plays.

Coach Stewart uses a count system to identify which defenders he will put in conflict. The system used to count and identify each member of the defense will help you decide whether to attack the middle, off tackle or flank of this defense. He diagrams how the eight defenders at Level 1 and 3 typically line up and how to use this information to your advantage. Coach Stewart offers a four part plan for attacking the eight man front.

Coach Stewart explains that you must attack the flanks of the defense early in the game. He describes the formations to use to spread the defense that will create problems for this defense – and how to exploit it. You will see live footage of the Pistol Wing-T and how the entire offense ties together creating a balanced attack.

Stewart uses the option game, Buck Sweep, and the Down and G Belly passes to attack the flank of the defense. The off tackle hole is attacked with the Outside Veer, Down, Buck Down, and the 36 G Lead. When the defense moves outside, you can attack the middle. You’ll also see plays to run when the defense is chasing your motion back, which will open up other parts of your offense.

Coach Stewart will make you think about the way you call plays and help you design your offensive scheme so it will attack the weakness not the strength of the defense.
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DVD #12

Attack 3-4 and 5-2 Defenses

Rick Stewart combines traditional Wing-T concepts with new strategies to create the unique Pistol Wing-T. Coach Stewart details the innovative Pistol Wing-T Offense and shows you where the 7 man front defense is vulnerable – and how to exploit it.
Discover where to attack and when to attack certain areas of the 5-2 defense. Stewart shows you how to attack the flanks of the defense and how to use formations to force defense to adjust to you.

To be successful, you will need to put the safety in conflict. To do that, Stewart covers the Belly Option, Belly Pass, G Sweep, Fly Sweep, and down pass. Force your opponent to adjust to you using the Outside Veer, the Down, and the G Lead. All of these plays are explained with power point and on the field.

Once you have forced the defense to adjust to your flank and off-tackle attack, Coach Stewart shows you how to attack the middle of the defense.

When the safeties come down too quickly it opens up the play action passing game. Stewart employs the sprint passing game with play action and drop-back passing to attack the two safety look. As a bonus he shares his thoughts on attacking chase motion and the use of trick plays in attacking the 3-4/5-2 defense. If you are currently running the Wing-T or have to defend someone running it, this video is a must.

The bonus side of the passing attack is that lineman don’t have to learn a complex set of rules or techniques in the Pistol Wing-T passing game. Stewart explains the Trap, On, Belly, Belly Wham and the Veer to the tight end and away from the tight end. Plus a few wrinkles on how to run the option.

This season, attack the 3-4 and 5-2 with confidence
DVD #13 & #14

Over 2 Hours of Game Film

Game Film of the Pistol Wing T plays are on the two DVDs. Every play has a DVD chapter for quick reference and they are sequenced by the defensive front. There are 2 angles on many plays – pressbox and endzone.

RUN GAME Chapters

Buck Sweep Belly Down
Guard Trap Tackle Trap Down Counter
Boot & Waggle Belly Option Midline
Jet & Rocket Belly Sweep Veer

Boot & Waggle Pass Belly Pass Down Pass
Screen Passes Dropback Passing Sprint Out Passing
Wraparound Sally Draw Play Trick Plays
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[us_testimonial author=”Coach Keith Smith” company=””]I very good adjustments for the youth level. I watched part 1 and can’t wait to implement the system, terminology is real simple and once again thanks for keeping it SIMPLE …… Okay now to the meat and potatoes, can you send me the formation power points, day by day schedules, script sheets/ call and attack sheets along with the individual drawings. Time for part 2
Thanks In Advance

DVD #17

Youth Wing T Terminology & Installation

Run a cutting edge offensive scheme that utilizes the Belly, Sweep and Down families to create tremendous misdirection while maintaining a simple scheme that the kids will love
Easily call and use multiple formations without confusing your players
Run dynamic practice drills that create superior execution by getting an incredible number of repetitions every practice
Develop practice strategies that tie the system together and make the difference between winning and losing
Rick Stewart gives you an overview of the entire Pistol Wing-T Offense, and apply it to your youth football program starting at a 3rd and 4th grade level and scaffolding it to build towards your high school program.

Starting with the philosophy behind the offense, Coach Stewart details how the defense can never be right due to the simply complexity of the play calling embedded in this system. He goes into explicit terminology that is critical to understanding his system. The installation of the Wing-T starts with a power-point of each of the three “families,” Belly, Sweep and Down, before practice video is shown of the drills that make the offense so successful. He explains how he classifies each play into a certain family that incorporates a similar blocking scheme. He gives great coaching points for the quarterback when reading the defense he explains his term “ride and decide” when reading a lineman. Coach Stewart explains the knuckleball snap that he uses in the pistol offense.

Coach Stewart does a nice job of identifying what the three different Youth levels; Pee Wee’s 3-4, Juniors 5-6, and Seniors 7-8 would be capable of executing within the offense. He also teaches them with no motion in the Lucky and Ringo formation, which is beneficial to the younger levels.

He takes it one step further by establishing the practice schedule to set youth programs up for successful implementation and transfer to the field. Coach Stewart has a very detailed approach to practice and scheduling, which he goes over with you on the video. The practice plans are matched with drills that allow you to develop the skills needed to run this offense. The practice drills go in-depth into the small skills like football, cadence rhythm, motion timing, etc. that make this offense effective.

This DVD will give coaches an inside look at everything you will need to install the Pistol Wing-T system into their youth program. This video gives coaches the foundational bedrock needed to understand the entire run, pass, and trick play series. The philosophy, terminology, practice plans, and drills video on this DVD set the stage for full implementation of this system at all youth levels.
[us_testimonial author=”Coach Veilleux ” company=””]Coach Stewart”s videos have been amazing in helping us to implement the Pistol Wing-T offense across our whole program (Pee Wee through High School). Coach Stewart does a great job breaking down the various parts of the offense and goes into great detail explaining the various plays, skills and drills needed to run this offense. The best part is Coach Stewart makes his contact information available and once the videos have been purchased will answer any questions coaches have as well as send you some additional material. Coach Stewart goes above and beyond when it comes to helping other coaches out. Thanks Coach![/us_testimonial]
DVD #18

Youth Wing T Run Game

Execute 27 youth football running plays versus both an odd and even defensive look
Adjust the plays so they can be run at the “Pee-Wee” youth level
Implement simple blocking rules and how to change the rules as kids advance in age
Adjust each play so it can be run from under center
The Pistol Wing-T is a dynamic way to run an offense that has stood the test of time. Rick Stewart leaves no stone unturned in his overview of the Pistol Wing-T running game. You’ll get a complete step-by-step process from drills to installation along with the progression of the run game system for the Wing-T offense.

Coach Stewart does an outstanding job going through the run series family and various plays to run off of those base plays. With just three “families” of plays you can deceive any defense with an arsenal of misdirection and “look alike” plays. He starts out with multiple formations and demonstrates 27 plays in the Sweep, Down and Belly “families.” Using a chalk talk to thoroughly discuss the play, blocking combinations versus various defensive fronts, Stewart coaches you up on the key points that will make a big difference in the success of each play. You will get almost every play covered with The Lucky and Ringo no motion formations, which is perfect for the pee wee level.

Stewart follows up the chalk talk with a practice video of his 8th grade team running each play diagramed and chalked. You will see common mistakes made by young players and how to correct the mistakes.

Each play is drawn up against an even and odd defense. Coach Stewart goes in-depth in how to block against multiple defenses and how to adjust to different blitzes. Learn simple line calls such as “Tug, Gut, and Moses as well as the Down,” that allow the offense to have blocking angles on any defensive structure which will allow for big plays in the run game. He also discusses in depth the run progression based on how the defense is reacting to the base play in each family.

This DVD will give coaches an inside look at everything you will need to install the Pistol Wing-T run game in your youth program. It can be incorporated into any level that is wanting a consistent progression in teaching the Pistol Wing-T running game. ÿIt gives you a complete step by step process from drills to installation along with the progression of the running game. Coach Stewart does a detailed progression that is second to none.
[us_testimonial author=”David Marean Head Coach Wayne Central High School Physical Education Teacher NFL HSPD Site Coordinator New York and C Team Head Coach Hilton Raiders, NY” company=””]As a high school coach who is helping coach his sons youth team this DVD 4 Pack was outstanding. Very detailed and the video is doen in a matter that is easy to absorb the information. Coach Stewart is also very accessable and responds quickly to any questions or power points you might need. Great Job Coach, keep up the great work![/us_testimonial]
DVD #19

Youth Wing T Passing Game

Effectively run 23 passing plays that are easy to implement at the youth level
Implement passing routes that are designed to complement the run game and put the defense into conflict
Implement routes from play action, quick and sprint out passing “families”
Teach blocking rules for the offensive line and ensure linemen execute their assignment in the passing game
Rick Stewart has a background of working with youth league football. He believes it is the foundation for any successful football program. Coach Stewart takes to the field to explain a step-by-step progression of how to develop a passing game that is built off of the run game. Stewart’s passing game is simplistic enough to be executed at a high level within a youth program.

Coach Stewart goes through an overview of the Pistol Wing-T passing, starting with game different rules to use in the passing game. He gives examples of different rules that he has added youth humor to help the players remember their rule.

From there, Coach Stewart goes through an in-depth walk-through of the basic pass protections against multiple fronts. He walks you through how to pick up blitzes by the defense while making adjustments to the pass protection with the play-action, chop, and sprint out passing families.

Coach Stewart then progresses to the routes, terminology, and adjustments to the play-action game against multiple defensive fronts using the sweep, belly, down, and dive run fits. He shows you different ways of attacking various defenses with the chop passing family, which is similar to the one-step passing game. He does an amazing job of describing how to first exploit defensive backs by using pass plays to the wide receivers followed by the running backs and finally the tight ends.

Finally, Coach Stewart does an outstanding job of using the speed of youth quarterbacks with the sprint out family passing routes. This series puts tremendous pressure to protect outside and will allow for the running game to open up in the middle as the outside is attacked with the sprint out family. He also shares the fundamentals for running a great wrap around draw that will help negate a strong pass rush, which gives an offense a way to keep the defense off balance.

Throughout each phase of the passing game Coach Stewart masterfully walks coaches through progression of when to call each play based on how the defense is reacting to the run game and how the defense is adjusting to various offensive formations. These adjustments are vital when making game time decisions that can make the difference on game day.

It is all demonstrated on the field and on the whiteboard as coach presents when and how to make the right pass call fro your team.

With an easy to follow approach Stewart provides an in-depth look at a successful way to have your athletes succeed at the youth level. Implement this approach for your program next season for quick and efficient success.
DVD #20

Youth Wing T Trick Plays

Get creative with your game plan and keep defenses guessing
Use nine different formations to take advantage of the defense and put the ball into the hands of your best players
Install plays that will destroy an 8-man front and attack the its weaknesses
Set up a game script that will identify how your opponent is defending you
Do you have a plan on how to attack multiple defensive fronts and the techniques in those defenses? If not, Rick Stewart gives you a blueprint on attacking every defense you will see with formations and his play series from the Sweep, Down and Belly families.

Coach Stewart starts by looking at multiple formations that outnumber the defense at the point of attack to create blocking angles making the Pistol Wing-T so devastating. Stewart aligns the defense and how they can adjust in various ways, while showing how each formation will take advantage of those adjustments. See how the X-Tight formation creates an unbalanced line giving the offense a numbers advantage at the point of attack. Learn how you can run the “Wildcat” out of the empty set putting your best runner at QB to take advantage of the holes created be spreading out the defense.

Coach then breaks down off balance and trick formations to run plays in the short yardage, medium yardage, and long yardage situations. Many plays have built in options that allow the offense to run multiple plays depending on defensive adjustments to the formations all of the plays specifically and how they are executed both on the board and on the field. Coach breaks down his plays into categories:

Reverses and sweep passes – Coach Stewart gives you some great ways to use your speed against aggressive defenses. This can give you an opportunity for a big play against an aggressive defense and put the ball in the hands of your best athletes.
Double Pass – Coach Stewart gives you three double passes to use after running your screens that you can use to surprise the defense.
Counters – An effective counter scheme to take advantage of defensive adjustments.
Short Yardage – A short yardage package of four plays to use in the red zone or in short yardage situations.
He draws all of his plays on the board with their formations and then take it to the field to see these plays in motion. He does a fantastic job using the terminology established in the first video to easily call various formations that players will be able to adjust to. He breaks down each formation and walks through every trick play or un-conventional play that can be run out of those formations based on how defenses might line up.

There is much more to this video as Stewart shares his game script with you as well as how he reads the defense to call his offense. You will learn how to attack a penetrating defensive line, when to attack the flank of the defense, what plays to run versus a 3 technique and what plays to run away from one

If you are a youth football coach and looking for an edge this upcoming season, Rick Stewart’s trick plays can do just that. With youth defenses rarely adjusting to unique formations or unbalanced looks, this will be a sure fire winner for your collection.
[us_testimonial author=”Lemont Norcross Youth Athletic Assoc 404 642 1858″ company=””] Last year, running your Pistol system of just the Buck series, I inherited a team of 12 year olds that was winless for two years, and NO ONE wanted to coach…..and we finished the season with a 8-2 record! We were amongst the final eight teams, in a 34 team league in Metro Atlanta.
Again, any information you are willing to share would be awesome. Thanks, coach!

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