When I first sat down with our coaches & players in the spring of 2010 to decide whether we were going to run Wing T out of shotgun or pistol, we decided to run our Jet/Fly motion (Liz or Rip in my terminology) for the following reasons:

  • Make it look like Buck Sweep (26 G.O.)
    • The slight difference was that on Buck Sweep, the TB goes first down the midline and the wing/half back comes behind the QB getting ball at 4 yards.
    • On Liz or Rip motion, the wing/half back will go behind QB first, still getting ball at 4 yards.  The TB fake up the midline is second
  • Keep QB footwork same as when he is under center
    • If running Jet Right (Liz 28-O in my terminology), the QB pivots on his right foot 180 degrees with back to the defense and ball hidden in his belly.
    • The handoff takes place at a depth of 4 yards behind the right guard.
    • This timing and footwork is exactly the same as when we are under center (we still run some plays from under center)
  • Hide the ball since back was still to the defense
    • The tradeoff  of being in Pistol are
      1. Easier QB Reads both pre & post snap.  Reading LB drops, safety rotations, & blitzes easier now that back is not to the defense.
      2. Longer ride-decide time: We read OLB on Belly/Down, 3-tech on Midline, and 5-tech on Veer.  QB has longer time to make his give/keep reads.
      3. Expanded Passing Game: More types of perimeter screens and downfield passing concepts can be ran with QB starting 3 yards behind LOS and facing the defense.
      4. versus easier for defense to see the ball:  This is the downside.  It is harder to hide the ball with QB not turning his back to the defense
    • So we figured that we would turn the QB’s back to the defense on the Buck (G.O. family) and Jet (Liz/Rip) plays.  At the time we still wanted some hidden ball plays left in the offense.

While all those thoughts are sound, I am convinced now that the handoff should be in front of the QB.

  • QB can read over pursuing ILB, keeping the ball and running up the middle behind TB lead block
    • We pull our playside Guard on Liz 28-O and Rip 47-O.
    • While the guard does get in front of the Jet Sweeper as a blocker, the primary reason is to get the ILB to chase him
      • If the playside ILB chases the pulling guard, the QB keeps the ball, following the backside G and TB lead blocks
      • We will also pull both our guards opposite the sweep motion.  We call this Liz 28 Guards Away
      • We will pull the LG to the left sideline and the RG towards the right sideline and run the TB right up the middle.  We call this Liz 30 Guards Opposite
      • We will pull the RG to the right as lead blocker for the Sweeper, but give to the TB up the middle on a guard trap.  This is Liz 32 G Sucker
  • QB can read the playside End, keeping the ball and running off tackle inside the over pursuing End.
    • If we reach block all our linemen, the playside Tackle leaves the End alone, climbing to second level.
    • if the End flattens down the sideline to chase the Jet Sweeper (Left Wing in Liz motion), the QB tucks it and follows the RT block into the 4/6 hole area.

All of these plays are described in great detail on my NO HUDDLE & POST SNAP READS DVD.  I also re-did all of our PISTOL WING T DVDs and they are being released in Feb 2015.  The new PISTOL WING T RUN GAME, which replaced the old 20 CORE RUN PLAYS DVD, has these plays in great detail, including a ton of gamefilm.