Team Camps

3 Camps in 1!!!


– Six Intense Practices

– 90 minutes of technique & drill work in EVERY practice. (this is not an excuse to scrimmage)

– 30 minutes of scrimmage at end of every practice. Defense sees different offenses

– Coaching clinics in between practices

– Your starters finally get a chance to go against other starters in every drill.

– Great team builder !!!

– Every school leaves with 3 playbooks and 20 DVDs.

Your staff will get so much better filming & watching our master coaches use buzzwords & make corrections

Eventbrite - Wing T, Double Wing, Flexbone Team Camp, Alabama


that you can come & observe.

Both Pistol WingT and 425 Defense


Eventbrite - Wing T Team Camp, Indianapolis, Indiana

PISTOL WING T Mon/Tue;  425 DEFENSE Wed/Thur

Eventbrite - Wing T & 425 Defense Team Camp, Iowa

Coach Stewart will make your ASSISTANT COACHES better teachers!

Today’s high schools face more turnover than ever and the head coach is constantly spending a lot of energy “Coaching His Coaches”. Coach Stewart’s camps will show your coaches how to setup the drills, the drill commands, the buzzwords, and how to correct mistakes on the fly. DVDs are edited and there are no mis-takes...camps are live and players make mistakes. Your staff will see how Stewart’s CHAMPIONSHIP staff immediately identifies and fixes these mistakes. And your staff is standing right there and can ask ques-tions. They can video tape and take notes.


Coach Stewart travels all over the country, has spoken at over 30 clinics, sold thousands of DVDs, and has an email list of 25,000. He will bring in the most experienced, top notch coaches who UNDER-STAND the challenges of coaching high school.

20:1 player to coach ratio


These experienced coaches will meet with your coaching staff the night before camp to explain the pur-pose of every drill. There is time for Q&A after every practice and there is a 2-hour coaching clinic in the middle of day 1. These coaches can talk about weight room, fundraising, motivation, parents, and all the other challenges beyond the X’s and O’s


See how coach Stewart can run 15 plays versus both an odd and even front in 10 minutes. That’s 30 plays total !!! Also see the value of “bird dog” to reinforce assignments.

”For years we used to bring in the college staff from Carnegie Mellon to work with our players, but now we are bringing Coach Stewart back for the 3rd straight year. He understands the demands of high school football and how to make the offense work at our level. My players and coaches love him because he explains everything in easy to understand language. I have been the head coach at Black River for 25 years but I still learn so much from Stewart every year he comes."                        -- Al Young

“We were the 1st public school to win an Illinois State Championship ”

--Patrick Jerome, Wendell HS, IL

Want To Get Published?

Want to pass your coaching knowledge to other coaches? Coach Stewart can help you get your football knowledge published.